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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sporadic FIG Button Design

Do you do stained glass?
How about fusing?
Does anybody know you do? Your friends? Family? Parole Officer?
Then you better get one of Fantasy In Glass's official glass related buttons- new ones appearing sporadically (we're not sure)! Just check the blog.
Here's #5.
Only $2.88 each
Shipped anywhere in Canada for a lousy $5.44 (taxes included)!

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Anonymous said...

Once again the intrepid Ocean's Edge goes trolling the net and comes away melancholy...

So many wondrous things to learn, courses to take, possibilities to explore, and all of them in the gosh darned GTA....

It would be so nice if just once one of these courses were held somewhere other than hell on earth - like maybe the end of the earth instead. Newfoundland isn't that bad - it's even kinda nice in June.

Couldn't even invite you to teach a guest class at our (hopefully soon to be) training facility - the equipment alone we'd have to buy to make THAT work would be a terrible thing.

Back to the ol'drawing board

Ocean's Edge