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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Continuing Warm Glass

There are times when you just want to slump a single piece of glass into a mold (not everything needs to be double thickness or more). But, oh the horror, if you use a 'normal' slump temperature you end up with a raw (sharp) edge, when a nice fire polished edge is preferred. So here's the schedule we use to achieve it all- nice slump, and nice fire polished edges. Glass used is the stunning Uroboros 60-25. Mold is Slumpy's Wave #9249.

1- 500/hr to 1050, hold 5 min
2- 500/hr to 1200, hold 5 min
3- 250/hr to 1260, hold 10 min

You do have to remember this is a bit of a compromise as at this temperature, to get the glass soft enough to round off the edges the glass is also soft enough to pick up the texture of whatever it is sitting on. We use a cheap $5 mouth atomizer to apply our kilnwash to the mold which gives the smoothest surface eliminating brushstrokes (ask us and we'll show you how the atomizer works)

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