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Friday, 22 November 2013

Little Black Book

While our fusing experience goes back over 30 years, we still find it vital to keep detailed records today of almost every firing. It's really the only way to consistently be successful and to note and avoid error or make suggestions for subsequent firings. 
In our fusing classes we purposely talk temperatures, annealing times, all manner of technical stuff (hopefully just the right amount) because what use is it to just be told to make something and then just hand it off to someone else to fire? We do provide custom firing services but we do ask for you to give us a firing schedule so that you learn from the experience and also get exactly what you want. 

Want a firing log sheet- we'll give you one free for the asking or download this one from our friends at Wardell Publications.
Another alternative is a smartphone app- this is one we've used off and on for a couple of years.

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Doris said...

Thanks for the APP info. Am loading it down now.