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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Audiophile Craziness

Trying to come up with a good way to illustrate the flexibility of molds, we thought of doing so by making some cable lifters.
Now if you are a crazy obsessive audiophile (read Mikey... Vanna Opal), you are convinced you can hear the difference between speaker wire or record mats or different vacuum tubes, then you are the kind of person who would love a set of these. 
You see, there are all manner of tweaks that audiophiles like to try, to see if they affect/improve the sound of their stereo and and this is one of them. It seems that speaker cables that are lifted above the floor will sound better (allegedly) so rather than buy some esoteric (read expensive) cable lifters we took a look at some of our molds to see if there was one we could make use of. Obviously there is no cable lifter mold, but if you are imaginative, you can use sections of existing moles to suit your purpose. Here's what we did-

We took a Candle Bridge Mold and cut some strips 2" x 7" - each lifter needing 2 pieces- ours was SP4001 Spirit for the top and SP1009Black Cord for the bottom (remember, the Cord texture 'memory' will remain if you fuse the textured side to the Spirit).

We then fused the blanks together and laid them out on the Candle Bridge Mold- 

and slumped them so they look like this-

and finally put them into the sound system enabling us to finally hear angels' wings flapping...


Eleanor said...

I think you mean Angels :-D

Mikey Figgy said...

Thanks Eleanor!