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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Continuing Warm Glass

So, here's a very shallow slump, which is fairly easy whatever program you might follow. But most firing schedules will get the glass too soft as they are designed to give success regardless of the mold's shape. Ideally you want to minimize the glass picking up texture from the mold, yet get it soft enough to conform to that mold's shape. The Slumpy #297 has such a subtle shape that we can do a 'cooler' slump. 
You see, there are two general ways to slump; one is to go higher in temperature with a short hold, or go for a lower temperature with a longer hold. The second approach will minimize the picking up of texture, yet allows the glass to do a nice slump. 
So, this is a single thickness SP Black Aventurine capped with a double thick (4-5 mm) SP100 Clear (Mikey added some silver foil circles in between the two layers 'cuzz he's a showoff)- 
1- 300/hr to 1050, hold 5 min.
2- 400/hr to 1215, hold 15 min.
Too easy...

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