Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Just Genius!

We do have some of the cleverest students.
It can be very frustrating sometimes when working on a piece to try and see how it's progressing colour wise, and yet still hold everything in place as you cut, grind and solder into place. 
Sheila has come up with a brilliant solution- get a piece of clear plexiglass (easily gotten at Home Depot, etc) and cover it with that sticky white grid cloth that is used to repair drywall (ditto). 
Bingo! The sticky grid holds the glass perfectly in position and sticks it all to the clear substrate to make it ideal for viewing on a lightbox, etc.


Doris said...

That is brilliant!!! I must try that on a piece I am working on now

Wine Guy said...

What a great idea! Something Mikey would have thought of during his sober moments...hmm, scratch that..

Seriously, what a great idea!