Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Help Needed

Mikey's favourite (and now former?) whipping boy, Grasshopper Gary Beige was unable to assist us in some minor website stuff, so we throw caution to the wind, fling open our doors to the great unwashed out there and ask...
if anyone out there with website coding experience is willing to give Mikey a call and see about assisting in this matter? 
Drop us a note at fig@fantasyinglass.com.

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gary said...

I am so very sorry that our employee, Mr. Brown, was unable to help you in your recent endevour (see, we speak foreign languages!). From what I understand, your Commodore 64 is unable to communicate with your server, thus causing a synchronicity failure with the HTML coding algorithm substructures. This is an unfortunate side effect of localized warps in the space time continuum and can not easily be corrected without the appropriate application of Software Salve (tm) to the affected parts. Some side effects may be experienced. Read the manual.

I hope this is of some help to you!

With kind regards,
J. Braun Ls. Mft. (ret)
Software Salivations, LTD.