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Monday, 26 May 2014

Sorry, More Fusing News

If you follow us on this blog or on Facebook, then you've heard the rumours are true.
We do have the absolutely largest selection of Sys96 fusible glass available anywhere, carrying everything possible from Spectrum, Uroboros and now Wissmach.
Mikey brought in 18 of their colours in both opals and cathedrals last week and has put them ALL in our sale racks and all are priced at less than $8/ft!
Now we recognize that perhaps there might be some reluctance to add this manufacturer to any fuser's palette- uncertainty over compatibility issues, devitrification and unpredictable colour changes are always a concern. We've fired a lot of this glass in the past ten days and have found none of these concerns. The only flaw we see right now is their iridescent coatings not being as stable at 1480 degrees F, and found half of it burnt off (see above- top row, second from left).

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