Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Friday, 8 May 2015

Amanda The Puddle Queen

If you've spent anytime in our store, or been to our Facebook Page, Instagram feed or even Twitter then you must have tripped across entries showcasing Amanda (and her mom with tacky wardrobe that we struggle but always succeed in matching to glass in the store). Amanda really is a special person in more ways than one and she along with her somewhat annoying mother have used fusing as a therapeutic exercise that has become quite successful. Last week Amanda was invited to be a vendor at the Association's conference for Developmental Education and was surprised to  receive an award (figures, mom is clueless, we knew all along she was a sure thing... Vanna Opal) as the winner of the Trailblazer Award for Entrepreneurs! 
We are all so proud of what she has been able to accomplish.

Congrats Amanda. Fries, Big, Coke on us next time you're in (Vanna will pay... Mikey)

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