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Friday, 1 May 2015

Bullseye Glass

Being the largest glass fusing supplier in Canada and having sold fusing supplies for over 30 years, the obvious question occasionally arises about why we do not carry Bullseye Glass.
Here is the explanation-
Bullseye is a remarkable glass, of superior quality with a tremendous colour range (albeit more expensive than competing lines). 
We believed in this glass so much that we were a dealer of Bullseye for well over a decade buying direct and introducing the largest variety of their product in Ontario as there was no one else as willing to make the same commitment as us.
Then Bullseye decided to get into the retail market. In other words they wanted to sell to us but then sell to our customers as well. 
That's the reason why.
As an addendum, Bullseye offers 'Bullseye Glass Resource Centre' status to selected retailers on the condition that they carry Bullseye Glass ONLY and no other manufacturer's glass.
So, while Bullseye wanted to compete with all retailers, they don't like anyone competing with them.
Here's a link to their New York state store which is having a tremendous sale on now at up to 50% off (how could we or anyone else compete with that... Wanna Opal)

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