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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Copper and Sulphur Reactives and Strikers

... these are all interesting effects with interactions and heat treatments with fusible glass. And something Mikey and the staff at FIG love explaining, sharing. and talking about.  Just the other day Mikey posted on our Facebook Page and on Instagram some before and after pics of Spectrum's newest Fusers Reserve- Vanilla Creme- that does some interesting things in the kiln as evident by the piece shown below (3 pcs stacked and then fused flat).

And if you are on Facebook (make sure to like us- Mikey is so needy), and are interested in reactive glass fusing check out the Glass Reactors Group where Mikey came across this very effective piece graciously donated to display here by Kevin Yivisaker Aifd Cafa.

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JUDY ANN said...

Hi Im Judy, i am so interested in these reactive glass projects. The only thing is I have been reading and reading and trying to figure out how to buy the mica or reactive glass and how to use it. By any chance would you do a video step by step using these neat glasses? I would love watching it!!!! Thank you. Judy Di Lulo