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Friday, 6 February 2015

NBC Anchor’s Credibility Comes Into Question Once Again

NBC News anchor Brian Williams still reeling from a story resulting in his credibility being seriously threatened got hit again this morning with another report attacking his honesty and integrity.
As reported last Thursday, Williams’ claim that he was in a helicopter struck by a grenade during the Iraq war was refuted. He has since admitted to and apologized for this falsehood. NBC officials were yet undecided as to whether Williams would face disciplinary action.
This may now change. 
It seems that reporters have since heard of another more serious falsehood involving Brian Williams and have spoken to the proprietor of Fantasy In Glass, Mikey Figgy about this matter. 
When questioned Mikey confirmed that contrary to Mr. Williams most recent statement, Mr. Williams was not a student of his Intro To Stained Glass Course held at 703 The Queensway in Toronto’s west end. 
While Mr. Williams had claimed that he had attended and passed said course, Mr. Figgy states that Williams in fact did not, but rather was in another course (Intro to Fusing) which was a week behind. Mr. Williams was only able to pass this course with the help of Connie Chung.

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