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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dichroic Glass As Part of This Month's Sale

About six months ago we took delivery of well over 700 1/4 sheets of dichroic glass- predominately in 90 coe, but also a significant amount in System 96 (the really cool stuff like Spectrum's Spirits to go along with Bullseye's Mardi Gras)(see packing slip here). This shipment of course includes many of CBS' newest patterns such as Corkscrew.
Moving into the slow summer months we'd like to drop our inventory levels, and are going to have a massive June sale to announce later today. In the interim have a look at another Francis Ford Pattyopolla Production, this video featuring BeadGirl giving a tour of our Dichroic Glass Selection...

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Anonymous said...

Please stop givning BeadGirl sugar. It's just not nice.