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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

IT'S NOT JUST SAND, SODA ASH, LIME AND SOME OTHER STUFF Part 6 or the 2nd Last in a Series of 7

This retelling of Swiss Cheesed's beginnings comes in anticipation of some very big news to come- a disclosure so significant and earth shattering in its scope- only to be revealed at the end of Part 7 of this saga.
We continue our story...

People who don't care about glass quality! My loyal readers, we are not all created equal. 
I know, it's tragic, but true. 
We are not all born with the same level of glass appreciation. Most people do not care for glass of such quality as Swiss Cheesed and therefore choose glasses of lesser quality, polluting young fertile and impressionable minds. Compassion, not scorn, is in order here, because I believe, there are thousands of hobbyists who, if they could get their first taste of Swiss Cheesed glass, would succumb and convert. Chances are they don't even know that such wondrous glass exists. It is incumbent upon you, to educate and convert these people.
... to be continued...

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