Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Uroboros Art Glass Arrives!

One of our most favourite people in this humble little business of ours has to be Kat- the go-to girl at Uroboros. I guess it all started over a dozen years ago when Mikey wrote an email newsletter (before blogs and websites), and gouded Uroboros (namely Kat) into donating some swag (t-shirts, aprons, etc) for a charity promotion we were running. She did so gladly.
It was a different decade- Kat probably doesn't remember.
Which brings us to today.
While we've carried Uroboros for almost 30 years (without a doubt, the most spectacular artglass available) they are very (correctly) protective of their distributors and it is not easy to buy from them directly, so we are dependant upon a very poor supplier situation here and often suffer long stock outages. But as Uroboros are such nice people, we do feel compelled to convince them somehow that we actually are worthy of their interest. So, knowing how persuasive Zenia can be, we call. Zenia relentlessly cajoled Kat, she might have even wept a tear. And she did convince them to sell us a dozen crates full of their wonderful glass. All without them breaking any of their sales rules in place to protect their relationship with their suppliers.
So, we've got art glass, and fusible 96. Reactive Reds in sheets, stringers and noodles. Short Cuts and Prime Cuts. But most exciting is our Heads and tails! See pics to follow, with pricing at less than half of regular pricing- but you don't buy Heads or Tails to save a buck- you buy them because that's the best part of the sheet!


Anonymous said...

Wearing sandals in a glass store?

Anonymous said...

How did this little blonde girl get those four banded together glass crates that far into your store by herself?

Doris said...

Now THAT'S a wonderful picture of Zenia
See everyone I told you Zenia was talented.............she got the glass when you know who couldn't!
She does you proud.

PLUS wow what beautiful glass.