Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Continuing Supplier Problems #33

(See Figtorial dated Nov. 1, 2006) Out-of-stocks include large square vase caps, 12” L-squares, 18” L-squares, reinforcing bar, PW343DW, SP6000BR, SP151W, SP130.8W, SP6000CC, UR11-45, 88T lead, small Snowman bevels clusters, and much of the stuff listed already

Monday, 27 November 2006

Our Continuing Canadian Supplier Problem Part 31

No small Snowman, Fish or Angel bevel clusters, Inland Fumetraps, 1¾ x 3” diamond bevels, 2” star bevels

Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Amazing New Spectrum Spirits and OpalArts

This company is like Dr. Evil- they want to take over the world of stained glass. You know what? With product like these, maybe they could! Very cool glass! Info on them can be found here.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Our Continuing Canadian Supplier Problem Part 27

Delivery arrives- Spectrum Rat Packs – none arrive (we had a large quantity preordered and confirmed with the general manager at our sole Canadian supplier, in September with 16 promised for this week), Spectrum #’s- 100RW, 308,319.1,543.2RR, 134RR, 151W, 146W, 130.8W, 433.1W, 6000.81CC, 6022.82CC, 6023.83CC, 6061.81CC, 6067.83CC, 6069.83CC, 329.6, 451.2W, I843.92, I309, I307, Kokomo #- 470, Uroboros #’s- 65-86, 00-33, GNA #’s- 0189 (clear)(over 80 sq.ft not received), 4032, Youghiogheny # 5002, English Muffle # 4901, Fusible Glass- SP100SFS, SP100SFL, bevel sizes- 3x3 gluchip, 2x2, 2x4, 2x4 diamonds, 4x4 gluchip, 3x3, 4x4, 1x6, 1X8, 1.5X6, 1.5X8, 2X2 stars, 1 3/4 x3 diamonds in blue, large clear globs, Bevel clusters #’s- SB11, J19, CO19, SA-2A, SA-1, Taurus Slim Blades and Accessory Kits, large square vase caps
… but we did finally get flux brushes!!!

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

New Stuff #237

New stuff recently in- Aanraku door knobs, Earring Bails in gold and silver (oops, gold is out of stock), Hakko irons, Metal Magic Polishing Pad (for an unbeatable shine on your solder/patina lines), Spectrum Cutups (waterjet cut shapes like lightning bolts-cool),

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Christmas Craft Show at FIG

On Nov. 11 a Christmas Craft Show was held at FIG, run by Louie and some of her students- photo pictorial here

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Filling Inventory

A second shipment of sale glass arrives at FIG. While it has helped, and our racks are still quite full, we wouldn’t mind having about 4,000 pieces more- we have planned for a couple of big shipments to rectify this in the next week or two and have added another two sale square racks just for this purpose

Wednesday, 1 November 2006


A second order of glass has arrived from the U.S. in as many months, with regret, as we try to keep up with demand and overcome a continuing (and seemingly worsening) Canadian supplier problem. Yes folks, the rumours are true- as of July 1, 2006 stained glass is now being served solely by one distributor. Is that a good thing? Well, given the number of items that have been out of stock and continue to be so, coupled with some recent and substantial price increases, we’re getting a little concerned. How about this- if you were dependant upon this one supplier you would have been without many essential items- Toyo glass cutters (TAP) and 7/32” Edco foil come to mind- in September just as new classes were starting and our industry starts to get busy. The stained glass retailer’s busiest time of the year happens during a very short period. To not have items such as grinders, glass, flux, books, the list goes on, at that time is madness. Not only has it been detrimental personally to our business as well as our customers, but possibly fatal for some of our competitors. And this damage will be far-reaching- if we are unable to service new customers and students our industry will fail to grow and prosper (hey, remember, even Mikey was a student hobbiest once).
At this moment, we are out of stock on the following- flux brushes(!), Gryphon Omni-saws, Glastar All-Star grinders, several bevel sizes, many Spectrum and Youghiogheny Glass colours among others, lead, Spectrum Rat Paks (although we still have over 10,000 sale squares in stock, we prefer an inventory level closer to 15,000), 2050 flux, numerous books, the list goes on…
While we are hopeful that this supply problem is a temporary one (albeit now going on 5 months with the merger of two companies with their combined expertise and knowledge of this industry stretching back more than a quarter century still unable to rectify these problems), it has taught us an invaluable lesson. We will never allow ourselves to be at the mercy of someone else.
We will source out alternative suppliers and will do that at an ever increasing and aggressive pace. We will try our best to hold down prices and will increase our inventory levels to minimize out-of-stocks from occurring. In other words, we will do our best to protect and grow this industry of ours as best we can in spite of adversity.
That is all…