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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Our Latest Local Delivery Report- Again Without Editorializing

Uneditorializing status report on a quick little pickup by The Missus today from our Canadian stained glass supplier;

out of 44 unique items, we received 29 or about 66% of what we needed. Value of goods not received on today's order- over $2300.00. Value of goods not received since Feb. 14- $14,800.00.

Just for reading this, come on in and get a full sheet (six square feet) of Gluchip for 5 bucks!

April 2008 Fantasy In Glass Monthly Sale

Or as it's better known around here as "Time to post another embarassing picture of Zenia time". Go here to see what's on sale for this month.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

New Book In- Mood Lamps

The Art of Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps- I like my title better- much shorter. Nice book though- fourteen contemporary designs to make fused glass table lamps- all shown in full colour, complete with fusing and assembly instructions.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Black Doing ‘Better Than Fine’

Disgraced media mogul crook waves to Mikey as he says he's in a ‘safe and well stocked place’- a Florida prison

Conrad Black says that he’s adapting well to life behind bars and doesn’t expect to run into any problems while serving his six and a half year prison term in the United States.
“I’m doing fine.” Black (or BU#0100 as he’s known to his friends) said in an interview with Mikey, president of Fantasy In Glass, from his Florida prison. “This is a nice place. They have Taurus 3 bandsaws (‘hey Mikey- no Ontario Hydro stickers needed here buddy’), lots of copper foil and a steady supply of glass from all the manufacturers, and while the stained glass course I am currently enrolled in is definitely inferior to those taught at Fantasy In Glass, I find that here we have none of the supplier problems like those I have experienced in Toronto”.
Black gave his first and only exclusive interview to Mikey because he saw Mikey as a kindred soul who has been just as outspoken as he, whose ongoing commentary to the media throughout his trial often angering prosecutors.
“While shopping at Mikey’s store was always heavenly, what with over 1500 colours of glass, about 10,000 sale squares, and the most complete selection of Bullseye fusible and System 96 glass available anywhere in Canada, and while Mikey seemed relatively immune to the current monopolistic wholesale distribution system problems that seemed to be affecting others, I do know it was often a chore to secure stock for his customers- often with his having to order truckloads from the States to keep them happy”.
“While I do miss his bad jokes and clean relatively well-stocked store, I am fortuitous to now be spending the next few years in a facility that is serviced by a healthy, competitive, free market environment. I am secure in the thought that this is a place where both Ed the Cat and Jim Matthews can both smile, along with my current bunk mate Gary Brown (BU #0203).

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Best Line of the Week

'The plan is as thin as homeopathic soup made by boiling the shadow of a pigeon that starved to death."

While you think about that, I thought we'd give you something else to think about-
now in, and out on our sale racks- over 300 ring mottle and fracture/streamer sale squares all priced at only $7.99 each (and of course, the buy 5, get 1 free and so on sale applies to these as well).
Mikey also brought in 800' of gluchip at a really special price- $5/sheet (6 feet) or, for the economically challenged, sale squares at $1.99...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Toronto- Centre of the Universe?

We're Canada's first and still only officially sanctioned stained glass supplier as you know. What you may not know is that we're located in Toronto, the centre of Canada's universe (if you're from Toronto),(or Hogtown and other not so polite terms if you're not). Given that we get alot of traffic to this blog from elsewhere, Mikey thought it a good idea to consider posting some stuff occassionally about Toronto to confirm that we really are the centre of the universe in Canada.

So what can I say? We let architect Daniel Libeskind do this to our Royal Ontario Museum, so maybe we don't deserve to be the centre of the universe. But actually, I'm kind of thinking, maybe we really are the centre of the universe and some aliens in their spaceship came to the centre of the universe (Toronto) and crashed into our beloved Royal Ontario Museum. Whaddayathink (see pic)?

Whatever, the new Crystal Wing is now open and houses a very cool and new Dinosaur Exhibition- pics here...

Our Latest Local Delivery Report- Again Without Editorializing

Uneditorializing status report on today's delivery of a truckload of supplies from our Canadian stained glass supplier;

out of 78 unique items, we received 56 or about 72% of what we ordered. Value of goods not received in today's order- over $1400.00. Value of goods not received since Feb. 14- $12,500.00. These figures would be substantially higher if we included goods we have ordered in the last month that we know are still not in stock (i.e. copper foil in most sizes) I'm not saying anything...

Just for reading this, come on in and get a full sheet (six square feet) of Gluchip for 5 bucks!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Google Keeps Information Free- Sorta Like Mikey

If you're reading this then you understand the value added programs we appreciate from Google (ever downloaded and played with Google Earth, or newly added Google Moon and Google Mars?). Well add another one- Google's free 411 service is now available in Toronto

Who enjoys paying $0.75 per call just to get a phone number while on the road- moreso when 75 cents gets you three flux brushes at FIG. It can get frustrating when you want to call us to see if your glass is in and can't remember the number.

Well, Google are at it again- doing what they do best- namely giving free access to information. Just call 1-800-GOOG-411 (4664-411) and get access to every number Google has indexed on the Web, and instantly be connected (for free) to that number. This includes any number from Toronto to across Canada and the US. It sounds too good to be true, but Google has pulled it off in such a seamless, slick way that really makes you wonder how they can do this stuff for free.

Test it-
1. Call 1-800-GOOG-411
2. Say Toronto
3. Say 'Fantasy In Glass'
4. The friendly Google-tronic voice gives you our name and address and connects you.
Google even stores information about previous searches you make from your number to customize future calls.

The amazing thing is that because it connects you to the number you choose, you pay nothing to make the call (even if the number's in Winnipeg or Wawa).

You're welcome.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Our Latest Local Delivery Report- Again Without Editorializing

Uneditorializing status report on today's delivery of a truckload of supplies from our Canadian stained glass supplier;

out of 96 unique items, we received 65 or about 68% of what we ordered. Value of goods not received in today's order- over $4000.00. Value of goods not received since Feb. 14- $11,000.00. I'm not saying anything...

Just for reading this, come on in and get a full sheet (six square feet) of Gluchip for 5 bucks!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Spectrum Glass Fusible Shipment Arrives- Mikey's Relieved Hydro Approval Not Necessary

For those who might have missed the last twenty years (Mikey did- only he missed twenty years, twenty years ago) we've always been a big booster of Bullseye as an artglass and as the best source for fusible glass and accessories. Yes, we are a dealer for them (proudly), and yes we buy direct from them, and yes we cry over the deceased Ed the Cat and ease our sorrow and despair by partaking in some supreme single malt scotch, but we do those things because of merit (and loyalty- they really are just way too nice) and we will continue to support them and carry their product. As a matter of fact, if we were not a dealer and the largest supplier of Bullseye product in Canada, you wouldn’t have access to as wide a selection and at such low prices (see our editorializing earlier on the status of the Canadian supply chain).

But we’re not totally crazy (ok, I heard you- you can all stop laughing now); we do recognize the demands of the market and because of this we also carry Spectrum (boy, I hope Jim Matthews is reading this). While it’s very limited palette is a hindrance (actually now I hope Jim is not reading this), I know that price is often the determining factor when deciding between Bullseye and Spectrum. It’s inevitable- we just have to wait you out until you eventually realize the follies of your ways, come to your senses and convert to Bullseye, because you’ll have to. And you will for sure, because there will come a time when you’ll want to choose from over a dozen green cathedrals instead of just two.

To appease those of you who are just starting out, and to encourage more of you to try fusing, we are increasing our selection of Spectrum fusibles. We can’t do the same unfortunately with Bullseye. Oh, the horror you say, and why, we hear you ask? Because we already carry everything they make! I think that if we carry more Spectrum fusible, at a lower price point (and offer great yet inexpensive how-to courses, cheap access to our kilns ($5/day rental) and lots of technical support by way of advice, handouts and free projects/patterns, we’ll hook more of you to fusing and that can only be a good thing- for us, for Bullseye, and for you (and of course Jim and Lani and Dan and The Missus and the Oban West Highland Scotch Whiskey Distillery, but sadly too late for Ed the Cat).

So just the other day we got in a truck shipment from the States which included a significant amount of Spectrum fusibles. And boy I gotta tell you, I sure am relieved that we don’t need to get Hydro Approval on this glass! (see here for background). We’ve added another eight feet of rack just for Spectrum Fusible 96 Sale Squares, now bringing our sales racks to twenty linear feet or about 2000 sale squares! And our sale on sale squares also apply- namely, firstly (boy that sounded awkward) they are on average about 20-30% less than our regular racks, and if you buy 5, we’ll give you a sixth free, buy 9, get two free, buy 12, get three free… Pictures and some special sales on Spectrum Fusibles coming up- stay tuned here…


TORONTO, CANADA- According to an unconfirmed report, a thing happened Saturday at Fantasy In Glass, a large and friendly, well stocked stained glass store in Toronto's west end, though experts say it is still not clear exactly what thing was. 'All we know at this time,' Humber College professor of phrenology Rudi Trianglehead said, 'is that some kind of thing happened.' Ordinary citizens, meanwhile, are struggling to put the whole thing into proper perspective. 'You don't expect a thing like this to happen,' Toronto resident, Caryl Poormund lamented. 'Not with the way thing's have been.'
In a statement published late Sunday in the Fantasy In Glass blog, Diary of a Demented Store Owner, owner Mikey urged all stained glass hobbiests to remain calm.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

March Break Hours

Seems we're the only one's that will be around what with everyone off on vacation for March Break. Pat The Missus has been moping around all week -she's lamenting the fact that it will be ten years since she hasn't been featured on a Girls Gone Wild video.
Monday March 10.............................11:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday March 11............................. 11:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday March 12....................... 11:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday March 13........................... 11:00am to 5:00pm
Friday March 14................................ 11:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday March 15............................10:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday ....................................... Closed (Sorry)

Our Latest Local Delivery Report- Again Without Editorializing

This past Monday's delivery of a truckload of supplies from our Canadian stained glass supplier;
out of 134 unique items, we received 106 or about 80% of what we ordered. Value of goods not received- over $1900.00. Value of goods not received since Feb. 14- almost $7000.00...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Conrad Black's Sad Dilemma Takes Place Tomorrow

Lord Conrad Black, media tycoon, former Canadian and potential stained glass hobbiest, starts his six+ year prison sentence tomorrow. To commemorate this event we rerun a posting from the past;

Conrad Black Appeals to Court - Wants To Sign Up For Stained Glass Course at FIG
CHICAGO: After several weeks of deliberation, Lord Conrad Black received the bad news he was not looking forward to hearing. His Lordship has discovered that the stained glass beginner course being taught at the facility where he will be spending the next six and a half years or so is nowhere near as good as the one being taught at Fantasy In Glass Glassworks. It was announced today that Lord Black (or BU0100F as he’s known to the staff at FIG) had enrolled in the Beginner Course at FIG (as taught by Louie or Treece), confident that he would be able to attend. Special arrangements were even made to accelerate the curriculum to accommodate his anticipated trip to a more secure environment in the New Year. Requests from His Lordship for gold-plated Supercutters lubricated with Truffle Oil and grinders filled only with sparkling Evian Rose Water were even being considered by the management, but were items only found in less secure settings. It had also been suggested by Ms. Black that a complete duplicate set of studio tools be provided for his Lordship in England as ‘you can never count on being on the right continent at the time when you need your tools’. Rumours that the razor strop from Lord Black’s purchase of Napoleon Bonaparte’s shaving stand is now being used to sharpen his newly purchased Don Carlos Solingen Steel Lead Knife (available exclusively at Fantasy In Glass) has not yet been verified.