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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Showing Off Some Customer Work

Want to see Mikey's head spin? This is Al the Lithuanian doing the Ukrainian Trident symbol-

and here's Dr. Vic with another intricate piece-

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

March 2012 Sales Up!

The monthly sale has been a tradition at FIG for quite awhile now. 
It also is an opportunity (excuse) for Mikey to post an unflattering picture of Zenia. After all, is it not an integral part of the process of announcing that the next month's sales have been posted? 
Hey, if we can't make fun of the results of our gene pool (she does call Mikey 'the man who is married to my mother'), who can we we make fun of? 
Glass manufacturers perhaps? 
Even better yet- maybe suppliers? 
How about Gary Beige? 
See my point? Nah, I don't either. 
In any case, we finally found a pic and now the sales have been posted (don't see March at the top of the page, do a page refresh).
Gaze upon Zenia at your own risk. Safer to just click here...

Monday, 27 February 2012

Corning Again

The mecca of the glass world lies a mere 4.5 hours by car from Toronto in Upper New York state in the picturesque town of Corning. We've talked about the many glass related attractions in this town aside from the stunning Glass Museum many times over the years. If you go to our 'PICTURES' page you'll see lots of pics Mikey has posted to give you a sense of what a great destination the town can be. 

Of special note are some absolutely breathtaking Tiffany windows in a tiny nondescript church in the residential area of Corning. If you've ever been stuck listening to Mikey ramble on and on about these windows you'll probably remember he always finishes up with a rather vague description of their actual location, and what the church looks like. We're not sure why, but something about growing up in the late the sixties comes to mind. But we are here to help. Here is a picture of the street signs of the corner where the church sits and above is a picture of the church itself. 
A link to the photo album is here.


I had a comment posted to a blog entry we did a couple of years ago (there's dedication from a new reader!). It's somewhat insightful but as it was posted to such an old entry, the likelihood of anyone seeing it is doubtful.  As such, we are posting it here (unedited) for your consideration-

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another Open Letter From Mikey In The First Person...": 

I run a stained glass shop within driving distance of Bullseye. A previous manager of my shop was contacted a while back by a Bullseye Rep. and was asked where he normally get his Bullseye glass from. He told them who his supplier was and they came back and said that they could sell Bullseye directly to us at 30% less than we were paying at our supplier. We would have to carry ONLY Bullseye fusible. No Spectrum, no Uroborus nothing. I think that it is pretty bad business to shoot your distributors like that. My shop is also within driving distance to Bullseye. Now Bullseye will sell directly to the public at amazing discounts. How are retailers supposed to compete with that? My shop still carries Bullseye but it's not a priority. On the other hand, I do my best to stock all of the system 96. Spectrum has as many distributors as they will ever have in the different regions and they do not sell directly to the public. I like Bullseye glass but Spectrum cuts a lot nicer and there are some great options in opals, cathedral, wispy and confetti. As a company, I have no respect for Bullseye.
In case you haven't heard, Wissmach has begun producing a line of System 90 compatible. I have tested it and it is really nice. And it considerably less expensive than Bullseye. 

Saturday, 25 February 2012


When advertising goes all wrong.

By Slumpy, as seen in Glass Art Magazine...
(oh yeah, we do have those molds...)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bullseye Glass Catalog #8

The latest version of Bullseye Glass' product catalog is now available. 

Go here to see all the glass and other products they make that you can't buy here in Ontario ...

One of the Fringe Benefits...

... of taking one of our classes- you get a hand painted work apron from Theresa!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sale Squares Shipping Almost Free

Our recent decision to offer over 140 colours of glass in 6" x 6" squares and to ship them everywhere in Canada has been tremendously popular (they all also are fusible- Sys96). So much so that our form generator broke!
If you are ordering and find the order form not loading, we tweaked the form address, so you might have to refresh your page and then all should be fine. 
If not, then consider calling Gary Brown...
Test it out here...

Seminar Second Chance!

Two seminars that were scheduled for last week have been rescheduled to this Saturday, and we still have some room in both-
Puddles and Plates ...

in the morning and Bas and Fibre Relief ...
in the afternoon.
More details here.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The FIG Reasonably Helpful Hint of the Once in Awhile Month

Dig out that old Neil Sedaka (isn’t it Neil Dekaka?...Mike) CD (Tina’s is usually in her player… Mikey) and remove the disc, ‘cuzz we’re gonna give you a great use for that case. Take a hacksaw and cut a single notch through the middle of the top side of the top part of the CD case. Still with me? Put a roll of copper foil inside said case. Pull foil through said cut slot. Bingo! Instant foil dispenser. Relegate Neil Sedaka CD to burnishing tool. Can’t figure it out? Come in and see our sample (but leave Neil at home...Ed)(He prefers Tony Orlando...Mikey).

(nice hat Neil)

Music You Must Do Glass By

... or not.
But we have to agree that most worthwhile pursuits often are made sweeter by the addition of music. It is proven that the success rate of cutting deep inside curves on Uroboros Black Ripple glass increases by 40% when listening to the blues (What? You think Mikey is good based on his own meagre natural born talent?  That's why he plays the blues all day long in the store).
Mikey's sporadic musical suggestion of the day is the new Little Axe album 'If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog' just released.
This dynamic album is the culmination of a 25 year long musical partnership between producer Adrian Sherwood and musician, Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald. From start to finish this is a dynamic and un-compromising meeting of the blues, reggae, and various roots music. Also beautifully recorded if you are an audiophile.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Everything's $1000' Store Goes Out of Business

TORONTO, ON- Citing 'phenomenally poor sales' the retail store Everything's A Thousand Bucks Glass Store filed for bankruptcy protection Monday. "When we started, we were really excited about the concept. It was working for the Everything For A Dollar Store, why not try it?" the store's owner Guiseppi Rengia said. "You could walk into my store, plunk down a grand and walk out with anything you saw on my shelves. We had it all- from flux brushes to copper foil, from Youghiogheny to Bullseye glass.!  Unfortunately the public just never seemed to respond." 
When pressed for reasons for the store's failure, Mr. Rengia was unsure, "It's hard to say. I wouldn't want to speculate but maybe we didn't do good enough of a job marketing ourselves. You know, with stores like Fantasy in Glass and that Mikey, it's a tough industry." Rengia said he would eventually like to open a 'more upscale shop, perhaps in the eight to ten thousand dollar range' to fill the space formerly housing his Everything For One Thousand Dollars Stained Glass Store located in the Acme Mall between Tom's Crystal Emporium and Canadian Tire.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And We Thought Our Kiln Was Old!

A kiln which was used by the Zapotec 1,300 years ago has been found in the Atzompa Archaeology Site in Oaxaca, Mexico.
“Preliminarily, it was assumed that it might date from the first occupation years of the site, between 650 and 900 of the Common Era, more than 1,300 years ago, parting from associated ceramic found and the depth -2.2 meters- where it was found, well below the stucco floor that covered it, which corresponds to that age, but further studies would confirm”. 
First signs of the kiln were detected during the 4th exploration season, in August 2010, after liberating the fa├žade of a small monticule located to the north of Casa de los Altares, where a hollow under broken stucco was found. A probing well of one meter depth revealed the adobe walls, and it was during the following excavation phase (March-December 2011) when the ancient structure was completely unearthed: a cylindrical adobe wall and the stacking ports.