Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Sunday, 30 January 2011

February Month Long Sale Now Posted

A gruesome, sepulchral and unflattering picture of Zenia is our way of announcing that the new Monthly Sale is now up.
I'll let the picture do its magic.
The February 2010 Sale can be found here.
Of note is our Hamburger and Steak Sale which may or may not have details of additions throughout the month highlighted here.

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Just before the craziness of Christmas, we had another, very significant event to celebrate.
Florian R. was a student of Mikey's even before the existence of Fantasy In Glass, which means she has been under the steady gaze of him for well on thirty years.
Early December we helped Florian bring in her 90th Year!


Friday, 28 January 2011

Stained Glass Store Employee Caught Texting while Cutting Glass

Fantasy In Glass employee Zenia C. was texting on her iPhone while cutting a sheet of Uroboros 60-25 (Crimson Red, Grenadine Red and Pumpkin with Wispy White) when customer Gary Brown took a picture of her Thursday morning.
The shot, taken at Canada's Greatest Stained Glass Emporium located at 703 The Queensway, in Toronto's west end, was full of customers at the time and clearly shows the slight of stature employee focused on her smartphone rather than the glass. 
"The FIG staff member's attention was clearly and alarmingly divided between typing and cutting that gorgeous sheet of Uroboros art glass. This is incredibly serious", said Gary Brown. "It would appear that she had little regard for the skill and craftsmanship that the employees of Uroboros put into their glass, and has treated said glass with wanton disregard".
When contacted by the press, President and Founder Mikey Figgy said that disciplinary actions are being considered, and that there will be no wieners in said employee's Mac'n'Cheese dinner tonight.

New Classes Start

As is usual, every new Beginner Class start is inaugurated with a photo. This is done for our staff's protection as this is the best way to assure ourselves that there are no witness-protection types, and therefore, unsavoury characters taking our class. It is our duty to keep the hobby of stained glass free and unsullied of such people.
After all, it was because of someone's lapse that allowed Gary Brown in...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stained Glass News #93 Is In

Actually, it has been in, and for awhile.
In SGN #93, you'll find:
• new items, including: two new books, a new mini kit, some new adhesive, a new bottle cutter, new texturizing tiles.
• reader hints, a reader's workshop and more on "The Readers' Page"
• Kiln Crafting Gil Reynolds—Gil talks about relief casting, or back textures when fusing.
• Let the Glass Do the Talking Judy Coleman—Judy addresses the difference between density and texture, and how they affect your stained glass projects.
• Health and Safety Dr. Fleming Fallon—The first of a multi-part article on the aging proces, and how we can continue to enjoy our craft.
• Stained Glass Techniques Denny Berkery—Denny talks about how your customers can broaden their technique repertoire with a lead project.
• The Beadmakers' Corner Andi Kosak—Step-by-Step: The Sculptured Flower Bead
• this issue's Free Pattern: It's 5:00 Somewhere
• a page of photos from readers in The Readers' Gallery
• and cheesily, more…

Monday, 24 January 2011

Spectrum Glass Company

Without a doubt, this company's glass is the most popular sold in the stained glass and fusing markets. So much so that we stock well over 12,000 one foot sale squares from them at all times.
That is, when we can get it given the problems we have with Spectrum's Canadian distributor actually having inventory. But that's for a blog entry for another day. We want to stay happy today.
And as with any successful manufacturer, Spectrum provides good support and marketing on their products. Their Score Magazine has been a staple for years (they even did a cover article on us many years ago!) and while it's been shortened a bit, it is now easily obtained on-line here.
They also have launched a 'big pattern' series that you can download here.
And here's a link to a page where you can grab a bunch of back issues along with some free patterns. The current issue has a cute cupcake pattern that you can pick up in the store.

As to other news about Spectrum Glass-
They've discontinued two expensive, yet very popular colours- their Cotton Candy Pink and Grape- both Erbium based and now impossible to produce economically given the price increase for Erbium, a chemical element used for its pink coloured Er 3 ions. We don't have much left so keep that in mind if you have a need for it yet.
We close with a link to a page on Spectrum's site that allows you to download a whole bunch of literature- find int here.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Where Are They Now

Many, many years ago, as Mikey sat in his humble little stained glass emporium, pondering the next 'Big Thing' in glass, a man short of stature, but long of hair, stumbled in off the street. Not a word was said on that visit except for the offer of an ashtray as those were the days when almost everyone smoked, almost everywhere. 
The man, short of stature, long of hair left, only to come back. Again. And again. 
We learnt his name was Kevin. 
His proficiency in stained glass came from learning in a surrounding of such dubiousness that we not need repeat it here.
We slowly became friends as he wormed his way into our hearts. Yes he looked gruff, even tried to appear tough, but even Mikey's kids saw right through him and called him Cupcake just to let him know. 
They even took him to school for show-and-tell. 
Kevin ended up becoming a big part of the Fantasy In Glass family- teaching, building church windows, renovating and opening the Fantasy In Glass Barrie store. 
We taught him how to light a cigarette off a Weller 100 soldering iron. He showed us how to make a tattoo gun out of a Sony Walkman and a Bic pen. That's right- we all came from the same school of higher learning.
He affected us both professionally and personally. He became a close friend.
Funny things happen in life. It ebbs and flows. We lose touch for no good reason, not knowing why. Life just gets in the way.
Kevin sort of drifted off, and we did too. We were still friends, but just forgot to work at it.
We came back in contact with Cupcake a little over a year ago.
It felt so good to see him.
From a past muddied by uncertainty and obstacles, Kevin had succeeded and owns a thriving business- Bongo Wireless. 
Tell him we sent you.

Something New and Something Old

Yes, the rumours are true. The availability of Clarity (Kempro) has become suspect, so we've secured a good stockpile that should last us for awhile.

To replace this tremendous product, used to put a shine to stained glass and solder lines, we've brought in Liva Stained Glass Polish. We've played with it a bit, but still feel that Kempro is still a better product.
Coincidentally, the size and price is the same.
On another note, one of the best basic stained glass books on the market just so happens to be called Stained Glass Basics. It's clear, concise, accurate and generous with patterns. 
And unlike those products we've been getting from our OOCSGS, this one's actually cheaper than last year ($19.50 CDN)

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Circle of Life

Allow this author a quiet moment to reminisce and share something with you.
This is a picture of a moment frozen in time. Decades ago. A time where you left your front door unlocked. When you let your dog, Spot (for real) out the front door to roam the whole day free without fear and retribution. Where liquor was bought by nervously sliding a paper tag to a judgemental store clerk. 
In other words, it was a time when Mikey was born. 
Now I just know that this picture will surely bring a tear to the eye of some of you. 
And for that I apologize. But it was necessary.  For a couple of reasons.
Firstly, you might have noticed there is not a single picture of our extremely handsome and benevolent leader on this website. 
Until now.
Yes, folks, that is Mikey being lovingly swaddled in the arms of his mother Mary, as his father, Josef gazes lovingly into his eyes. Just as you all now can do also. 
Secondly, we get to share with you something seldom seen today. You get an opportunity to see the stylish features found in a late 1950's home, unsullied by third world  manufacturers and Ikea. Take special note of the cabinet to the left of Mikey's dad for that is the first new thing that they ever bought. 
And fifty five years later it proudly resides in the home of Joe and Mary's granddaughter.
With  a stained glass window made by her...