Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Friday, 27 November 2015


Looks like Vanna Opal's 'How to Do Photography with an iPhone 3' is paying off although Mikey seemingly forgot to post her pics...

... and looks like we got a mystery tool from some tool...

It's That Time of Year

Inventory Notes

Mikey was going to have a bit of a fireside chat here today to fill you all in on the sad state of getting supplies due to the lack of a distributor here in Ontario, but Vanna told him to forget it as we have a store busting at the seams with inventory. So what have we got in recently?
How about a truck shipment 2 weeks ago that brought our fusing glass supplies back up to normal where we can assure a 100% fill rate on everything! 
And Taurus Ringsaws (wow- ON SALE at $499.99 in-store).
And over 1000 sale squares from Spectrum, Uroboros and Kokomo!
And in yesterday- a shipment of bandsaws, some new grinders  (yes, it is true, Inland doesn't seem to be making/shipping any of their grinders any longer)(apparently even Mikey has no clue what these new grinders look like... Vanna Opal).

and all manner of tools (check out the Tool Caddy for under $40 below!). 
Also in, iron stands, oil-fed glass cutters, lead vices, metal runners, mosaic cutters and some rotary Wankel engines (just checking).

And today, we have arriving- more Spectrum fusible (including some new experimental Fusers Reserve)(and yes, we still have some of their newest Black and White Opalart as well as their amazing Southwest Fusers Reserve), Glastac glue, stringers, nichrome wire in several new gauges, earring bails, tinned copper wire in all sizes, zinc and lead comes, another 1000 sale squares from Spectrum and on and on (like Mikey... Wanna Opal)...

Friday, 13 November 2015

Employee of the Month

TORONTO, ON- Stan Davids a housewears department shelf stocker and occasional cashier at Acme Glass, expressed sadness Wednesday over the rapidly approaching end to his reign as Employee of the Month. Fellow employees didn't have the heart to tell Mr. Davisdunn his reign had actually ended 8 years ago.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bullseye Glass Too Cheap Once Again

How can you compete if the manufacturer themselves are selling direct to retail and then offering discounts of up to 50%? 
That’s the case with Bullseye Glass.  
And their sales seem to be coming more frequently on-line as well as at their retail locations.
Ever Helpful Mikey thought as he does not carry Bullseye he'd do his civic duty and let you know (for the twelve of you still desperately clinging to this line of glass), that they are having another amazing sale-

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Back To The Future

The Taurus 3 Ringsaw is an item we get a lot of requests for. We don’t normally carry it in inventory. 
Why not?
Well, it not being cheap is the main reason.
But it seems that budgets often are of no consequence this time of year so we’ve brought in a skid load.
Checking back in our blog, we see that Mikey put them on sale for $499.99 in November 2007.
Wow! How did he do it?
So trying our best, we have the T3 Saw on sale for an amazing $539.88!
And we'll ship it anywhere in Canada.
But, hang on, that's not quite good enough.
Come and personally pick one up at Fantasy In Glass and you'll get one for only $499.88!
Well, he’s done it again.
Just like Back To The Future.

Here’s some helpful but somewhat boring copy on the saw;
Taurus is an industry leader, known for quality and precision, so you can count on top quality and dependable service.
This tile shaper ring saw allows you to make straight or curved cuts on tile and stone with ease. This saw can cut forward or backward...even sideways because there is diamond on all sides of the blade! It runs whisper quiet and since the blade goes through a water bath it does not make a mess like traditional tile saws do. The saw easily detaches from the waterpan/base so you can run it handheld- just like a jigsaw. Talk about revolutionary!

The special 6" blades deliver at least the same life span as a 7" tile blade at the same price. The difference is, these blades have no center, and are driven from the outside! This revolutionary design offers many advantages: the ability to make STRAIGHT or CURVE cuts; easily cut a slice off the edge of your material; the blade remains stable and rigid without wandering; the diamond coating is all around the blade making FORWARD, BACKWARDS AND SIDE cutting possible; use the same blade for all materials- there is no need to change blades; blade will never glaze over, so there is no need to ever dress the blade.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Another Boring But Helpful Posting

They can't always be witty and creative. 
Sometimes they need to be just plain boring and helpful.
Just in on another large truck shipment today (seeing as there is no full line glass distributor any longer), some inventory holes now filled-about 20 Kokomo's including their gorgeous Red Opalume, Spectrum Clear, Black and White fusibles, many Uroboros Collage glasses, System96 Mardis Gras stringers and confetti, about 300 frits and powders, all those great Morton Layout add-ons which now are even of more use as we now have homesite work boards back in stock (yippee!... Wanna Opal), all Aanraku bails, 127 new colours from Swiss Cheesed GlassWerks, the new Spectrum Liquorice Swirl (amazing- a black and white baroque style mix), another 900+ sale squares from Kokomo, Spectrum and Wissmach. 
The list goes on and on (like Mikey apparently... Wanna Opal)