Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Our Christmas Present To You Is...

... a less frightening picture of Zenia to announce the posting of our Boxing Month Sales found here...
(note- it's two pages- the link takes you to the second page)
Happy Christmas to all, fun and good health for the New Year
All the Staff at Fig

Some of Our Customers' Work

From Bernie (obviously a big Chagall fan)-

and here's a very clever use of our Uroboros Ends, transformed into a menorah-

This is a funky dish made by our own Tina, with a clever use of some Bullseye Rodz!

... and it wouldn't be Christmas without a Santa (from Peter R.)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Things That Make You Wonder

It's really funny how our business works sometimes.
Like on a sale, how is an advertised discount calculated? 
And more importantly is it honest and fair? 
Just got a flyer this week from a supplier offering some glass at 30% off. 
Wow! Big saving, right?
But let's look closer-
The glass that's on sale is a line that was discontinued well over a year ago. When glass prices were lower.
So, is it 30% off that price from over a year ago? On this discontinued glass.
Or is it based on glass prices today for a different line? 
Seems it is.
Makes you wonder...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another Star Fuser!

Bradley shows off his first attempt at fusing using the DTI Microwave Fusing Kiln!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Holiday Hours

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. 

Yes, we will be having a Boxing Week Sale (posted here).
Our hours are:
Sat. Dec. 24 ................10am- 2pm
Sun. Dec. 25 ................... CLOSED
Mon. Dec. 26 .................. CLOSED
Tue. Dec. 27 ...............10am- 4pm 
Wed. Dec. 28 ............. 10am- 4pm 
Thur. Dec. 29 ............. 10am- 4pm
Fri. Dec. 30 ............... 10am- 4pm
Sat. Dec. 31 .............. 10am- 4pm
Sun. Jan. 1 .................... CLOSED
Mon. Jan. 2 .................... CLOSED
Tue. Jan. 3 ................ 11am- 5pm
Wed. Jan. 4 ............... 11am- 5pm 
Thur. Jan. 5 ............... 11am- 5pm
Fri. Jan. 6.................. 11am- 4pm

Friday, 16 December 2011

We've had the luxury of being able to play a little bit lately and thought we'd share some of our experiments with you. 
This is our take on the Puddles Project we've talked about here. Very easy and very effective! 
Rather than simply stacking glass for the initial fuse, we used a stainless steel dam for this first step.
Care to try this at home? We will lend you our dam free of charge.

1. Six pieces of opal Sys96 glass loaded up in a stainless steel dam (lined with some fibre paper)

2. Forgetting to take a pic of the block fused and intact, we show you the block after the first strike of the hammer. No need to be artistically careful here- just wack it and get out some of your frustration (it's not true Zenia was thinking of Mike here).

3.  After a little more frustration release-

4. A closer look at some of the chunks now broken off 

5. Loading the kiln. Note the chunks are set on edge now

6. After firing- in the kiln 

and here, out-

Stick on a bail and you're done!

7. See those crumbs?  Don't throw them out-

- because they make a great topping for a colourful plate-

Care to try this, we can help with a free loan of our stainless steel dam as well as some guidance on firing schedule, etc

Thursday, 15 December 2011

This Saturday Only!

Buy the great Coneart B3k117 kiln, which coincidentally happens to be already on sale at $888.88 (down from $1099.99) and we'll let you pick out and take $100.00 worth of Bullseye Sale Squares (which also are on sale right now) for FREE!

Zenia Trying To Be Helpful

Friday, 9 December 2011

This Saturday Only

The great Glastar Superstar grinder!
5 year warranty, 3/4" grinder head, 1/4" grinder head, straight edge guide, most powerful motor in its class, and now we'll even throw in a 1/8" grinder head and a 2nd story work surface free!
Very limited stock- Saturday only, yours for $144.44!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Things That Make You Wonder...

If you are 'in the business' and want to consider taking some specialized courses in various advanced techniques (aside from our seminars which will be on-line next week- 2012), here are links to some glass suppliers in the U.S. (here and here) that have posted their schedules for 2012.
I'd give you a link to our Canadian supplier's course schedule for next year, but just like this year, they don't have any.
That is all... 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Something to Leave...

... on your partner's/kids'/mom's/dad's/orthodontist's pillow as a gentle reminder.

Or pin it to their chest if subtle isn't your style...