Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Monday, 30 March 2015

Stained Glass Store in Shock! Finds Patina Contains Nothing More Than Just Patina

TORONTO, ON- An analysis of fifty-two brands of patina revealed that they only contain the liquid known as patina. 
“You’d think for all that money you’d get something else mixed in such as single malt scotch, perfume or even some sort of flavour extract,” said Mikey C. of Fantasy In Glass Glassworks Inc.
F.I.G.'s laboratory tested over 600 samples of Novacan and Gauthier's Copper and Black patinas, Inland’s Antique Brass, and even the exciting, new FigSip Silver Patina (available exclusively at Fantasy In Glass) and found only harmful bacteria and other life threatening impurities but nothing that could account for its high price of an average of $6.99 for an eight ounce bottle. 
Gary Brown,  spokesman for the American Association of Patina Manufacturers, defended the cost by noting that the quality of plastic used for the bottles meets stringent standards. 
“We believe consumers get a great value with the patinas available on the market today, especially when you compare their present value with products available in previous weeks.

Tomorrow Only!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Social Media

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Superman's Secret Identity a Sham

It seems that Superman's secret identity has been a hoax all these years. While Jerry Siegel was writing the back story to this comic book super hero, maintaining that Superman's alter-ego was mild-mannered newspaper reporter Clark Kent, Mikey and the staff at Fantasy In Glass have discovered his true secret identity!
Amazing but true, Superman's alter ego is Al Necrosomethingorother, a meek Latvian retired goat herder and current FIG Intermediate glass student (barely passing by the way...Theresa). 

And how was his secret discovered? What masterful sleuthing skills did Mikey use to uncover this secret that's eluded society for decades? Check the photo attached closely for proof...

Friday, 20 March 2015

This is what happens when you don't ask or don't read the labels.It can end up being an expensive mistake as evident by by the picture above. 
Sort of like not reading a fusible label. 
The 100 grams of Pata Negra Prosciutto worked out to $9.00/slice...

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Secret To New Glass Pattern Found, Then Sadly Lost

Three staff members at Swiss Cheesed GlassWerks (a subsidiary of Fantasy In Glass Inc) have claimed to have unlocked the secret to a new art glass which contains both squares and stars in a random pattern, but then just as quickly lost the secret due to 'just trying to do too many things at once.'
Gary Brownie, chief researcher of the Swiss Cheesed's Really Pretty Colours Department said he and his colleagues found the formula to this long sought after colour pattern, "but then just lost it, although we knew it was there, and we just had it."
Brownie added "It was so bizarre. I was just looking at our test firings and complaining about how the squares were more like parallelograms and having been fed up with the staff's persistent insistence with coming up with some sort of splotchy "Fremont Antique Glass type look with streaky striped edges on the sheet"  and I guess I put this beautifully perfect squared and starred piece down and couldn't find where I put it. I spent all afternoon looking everywhere, even in the drawer with all those discarded polarizing lenses and old 'Approximately System 95 or Thereabouts' stickers.  I have no idea how we find anything here.  Anyway,  I just couldn't find it."
Head of the Really Pretty Colours Research Department, Vanna Opal suggested Brownie look in his lab coat when he finds it just in case he was going to put it there.  Commenting on Brownie's well known absent-mindedness, Ms. Opal related the one time Brownie was looking all over the lab for his stressometers, and discovered he was wearing them on his head. It was so funny. Opal is still "sure it's somewhere. I mean, where else could it be?"
Everyone was careful to think about where they went after making the discovery, hoping to retrace their steps, although doing so usually resulted in them tripping and bumping into each other. 

Brownie added " I really worry about telling my boss that we lost it. We misplaced a formula for an extra dark white just earlier this month. He won't be too happy."
Oh, The Humanity!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Vanilla Cream

(it may be glass for fusing but any fusible glass can be used also in your stained glass projects)

Vanilla Cream 210-73SF
Following Spectrum's very successful limited release of Vanilla Cream Fusers' Reserve™, they have announced that Vanilla Cream #210-73SF has now become a regularly stocked product! The special full-fused effects remain the same: Vanilla Cream lightens on the top and bottom surfaces, while lightening substantially in its core/center. This artistically blended glass can also exhibit organic variations in opacity.

A new characteristic has been added — a subtle Satin texture on the top surface that helps to distinguish the glass in two ways:

1. It tells the user that this glass can alter when fired.
2. It will also help users tell Vanilla Cream apart from Almond 210-72SF, as the two glasses can appear extremely similar in color prior to fusing.