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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Flattering Pic of Zenia/Monthly Sale Now Up

The monthly sale has been a tradition at FIG for quite awhile now. And posting an unflattering picture of Zenia is an integral part of that process. After all, if we can't make fun of the results of our gene pool, who can we we make fun of? Glass manufacturers perhaps? Or maybe suppliers? How about Gary Beige? See my point? Nah, I don't either. In any case, go here for this month's sale...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Fusers Club- Next Date Thursday Oct. 28

Well, it's sort of a club. Or sort of an intensive Advanced Fusing Workshop. Or sort of the best way to get in to more involved and exciting stuff like pattern bars, frit castings, deep work, pot melts, etc
It’s designed for those who already have some basic fusing knowledge, but want more- more information, more technique, more guts, more kiln access and more kiln size (ours is computer controlled and measures 26 x 40")( we also have three additional smaller kilns for in- studio use).
Get away from annoying family members where you can create at our tables, use our equipment, take advantage of the expertise of Pam the Studio Advisor, live on the edge of danger and make stuff and learn some more advanced techniques. The focus is on experimentation and play (not commercial production). Pam will cover everything and more related to advanced fusing techniques, from slumping to kiln preparation and operation, to glass compatibility, to kiln carving, to using ceramic fibre papers, to making and using small casting molds, plus other sundries such as frits and frit castings, powders and stringers and other inclusions. Heck, she'll cover pate de verre, how to make pattern bars, kiln casting, solving the problems unique to hot glass, and on and on (like the techniques covered in Richard La Londe’s book).
And what might the class cost include you ask? How about complete and unrestricted access and use of our studio along with the associated equipment (i.e.glass table saw) and use of the instructor (careful, she's ticklish).
Next session is scheduled for Thursday October 28, from 7pm-10pm and continues for 5 weeks. Cost is $120.00.
Suitable to anyone who has at least a rudimentary knowledge of fusing (such as our Intro Course).
Pics of the class, students and projects can be found here.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Beginner Day Class

They may be a small group but they make up for it in enthusiasm (not to mention the treats they bring- this week we got JK Gourmet granola- cranberry/cashew- gluten free).
Here's a group shot of them posing with their lead project.
Taught by Teenuh...

As Promised

Click on the above logo and you'll be magically whisked away to the invoice from CBS showing what we have coming in a couple of weeks!
And to those who have called about pre-orders, Mikey's sorry if he seemed a little confused today with the cut-off date for pre-orders, so much so that he's agreed to extend it to noon Oct. 26.
You get 30% off on a 1/4 sheet with a 25% deposit. Sheets already ordered even allowed in this great deal!

Monday, 18 October 2010

CBS Dichroic Imminent

The intent was to write something witty here but to be honest, after a day working on the new pages about CBS Dichroic glass on the Fantasy In Glass website, we'll just let the pages speak for themselves.
The pro-forma invoice will be also posted in the next few days as well as a full pricelist!
Go here to see...

Sporadic FIG Button Design

Do you do stained glass?
How about fusing?
Does anybody know you do? Your friends? Family? Parole Officer?
Then you better get one of Fantasy In Glass's official glass related buttons- new ones appearing sporadically (we're not sure)! Just check the blog.
Here's #8.
Only $2.88 each
Shipped anywhere in Canada for a lousy $5.44 (taxes included)!

Kokomo Sale Squares Added to the Mix

Kokomo is the oldest and dearest artglass manufacturer in North America with documented sales to two great studios- Louis Tiffany and Fantasy In Glass. That's right folks, whatever you might hear, FIG was the first to carry and introduce this quality artglass manufacturer to Canada well over 25 years ago. Let me tell you about a story about going over the Detroit River Bridge with a skid load of glass just picked up from Kokomo in 1984, and how the whole load almost slid off out the back of the truck while going up the rise of the bridge. Ah, the things we do for you...
Anyhow, we've just brought in almost 1000 sale squares from this great company, and not a single one priced higher than $6.99!
That's right folks! Whether it be opals, cathedrals, reds and pinks, 5-colour mixes and even iridescents- they're all under seven bucks! And of course- buy 5... get 1 free, buy 9... get 2 free, buy 12... get 3 free...
We/ve even separated them and labelled and boxed them for easy shopping.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Aanraku Arrives

Just in through our front door, we now have all jewelry bails and earring bails back in stock, including their new styles such as Celtic, Paws and Hearts- beautiful!

We've also got the best value on the market 3/4" Twofers (two 3/4" grinder heads for way less than $40/pair!
And core drill bits.
And glass rondels.
And frit makers (old price sourced locally- $139.99,  new price- $59.99!!!)
And all at new lower prices due to our strengthening Canadian dollar.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Got an email from our OOCSGS yesterday. They have just announced the reduction of their U.S. dollar surcharge from 4.9% to 2.9%.
But our dollar is almost at par (.9952 as I write this)!
We've been critical and suspect of the rationale behind this 'surcharge' but as it has been in place for a well over a year and adjusted almost weekly, we are excited by the prospect of being in a rebate position soon.
Using previous surcharges as a guide, if there was a 4.9% surcharge when the dollar was at .986 we should be looking forward to a rebate of almost 5% if the dollar hits a $1.02.
Or better yet, 3% if we hit $1.01!
Yippee! Can't wait.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dichroic Glass Returns to Fantasy In Glass!

We've been a CBS dichroic glass distributor for several years (the only one in Canada?) and yes, shamefully, we did let it lapse when we saw the demand for dichroic glass start to slow down.
We were right.
And we were wrong.
Demand for fusible Bullseye 90 coe dichroic glass did drop off.
A lot.
But not the demand for Sys96 fusible dichroic!
We realized that having ordered 800 quarter sheets in Bullseye 90 coe in a market that was running screaming and kicking towards the more readily available System 96 was why sales were falling. We were late to realize it, but we plan to fix that asap.
... to go along with our drive to steadily increase our Sys96 selection of glass, accessory glass and sundries (again, already the largest in Canada), we are putting together a substantial order of dichroic glass from CBS at the end of this week.
All in Sys96 save for a few.
We'll be getting in the new Crinklized on various patterns (see it in Corkscrew- unbelievable!), all the new patterns such as Geodesic. Heck, we're even considering bringing some in on Spectrum's OpalArt and Spirit glass bases.

If you have an interest in a specific colour/texture combination call us and let us know.
Pre-orders placed by October 21 will get a 30% discount with a 25% deposit!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In our continuing quest to break ever more free from our OOCSGS, we have again several shipments coming in from the U.S. this week and next.
Well, it was here that I was going to chat about the willingness of a competitive American market to do business in a fair and proper fashion.
But, let's just talk about how nice it is to deal with someone who wants to sell to you rather than one who thinks you have to deal with them due to lack of competition.
One of the easiest companies to deal we've found, is Aanraku.
Not only are they accommodating and friendly- they have great products which have always sold extremely well for us.

Coming in this week are several new styles of bails (hearts, paws, leaves and fish), Twofer grinder heads and drill bits, clear rondels at under $4/each(!), and frit makers at a fraction of the cost of those currently available (funny how Aanraku has lowered prices on some products yet we don't see them passed on from some distributors).

Next up?
Fusible dichroic glass in Sys96- yippee!!!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

More New Stuff Now In

All panel stands in all sizes (8"-10"-12"-14") in both round and square (or rectangular) are now back in size, and way too cheap!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Current U.S. Surcharge Status

We just brought in a shipment of glass and tools from the U.S. last week. All sorts of really cool stuff, still being unpacked.
The first thing Mikey does (actually the second- he reads the daily comics first as he eats his Coco Puffs) is price out the exact cost of the shipment using the U.S. dollar that he paid for the shipment with. He doesn't price out the shipment based on some mythical U.S. dollar costing $1.00 Canadian, because that's not what he paid..
We continue to be puzzled as to why our OOCSGS still maintains the need to charge a 4.9% surcharge on all their non-Canadian sourced goods.
You would have thought that they might actually price their goods based on what they paid for them. Not on some mythical dollar value that we haven't seen in months.
Oh yeah, while the surcharge we must pay (and of course pass on to you, sorry) today stands at 4.9% the dollar today is at .9878 U.S.
That's a difference of less that 2%.
Comments welcome and encouraged (anonymously too).

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Not All Foil Is Edible

We carry copper foil from three manufacturers;

• Edco Foil is the line that we introduced to the Canadian market over 25 years ago (white package). It’s a dead soft foil with superior glue and shelf life. It’s the most expensive foil we sell, but it's also the best.

• Venture- this is the red/purple one in the crinkly bag. It’s copper is also crinkly, with a glue that does tend to ooze and dry out- not our favourite- we carry it only because it’s a familiar brand. Priced a bit below Edco.

• DTI- the new guys and another first in Canada by us. In our opinion it’s the best value out there today. Great glue, soft copper alloy and a neat package which doubles as a dispenser. It’s very close in quality to Edco, yet cheaper than Venture making it the best buy on the market!
Of course all of these foils are available in many widths in copper, silver or black backed, but most importantly, they’re all 1.25mil thick.

Beware of new foil flooding the market that has been of suspect quality, and in the thinner 1mil thickness.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Not Just A Pretty Face

Here's just one pic of a student's finished piece from the Lead Seminar taught by Tina this past Saturday.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Taurus 3 Ringsaw

Rarely seen on sale, we're putting up only two at $488.88!!! While supply lasts.
(cash/debit only)