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Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Fusers Club- Next Date Thursday Oct. 28

Well, it's sort of a club. Or sort of an intensive Advanced Fusing Workshop. Or sort of the best way to get in to more involved and exciting stuff like pattern bars, frit castings, deep work, pot melts, etc
It’s designed for those who already have some basic fusing knowledge, but want more- more information, more technique, more guts, more kiln access and more kiln size (ours is computer controlled and measures 26 x 40")( we also have three additional smaller kilns for in- studio use).
Get away from annoying family members where you can create at our tables, use our equipment, take advantage of the expertise of Pam the Studio Advisor, live on the edge of danger and make stuff and learn some more advanced techniques. The focus is on experimentation and play (not commercial production). Pam will cover everything and more related to advanced fusing techniques, from slumping to kiln preparation and operation, to glass compatibility, to kiln carving, to using ceramic fibre papers, to making and using small casting molds, plus other sundries such as frits and frit castings, powders and stringers and other inclusions. Heck, she'll cover pate de verre, how to make pattern bars, kiln casting, solving the problems unique to hot glass, and on and on (like the techniques covered in Richard La Londe’s book).
And what might the class cost include you ask? How about complete and unrestricted access and use of our studio along with the associated equipment (i.e.glass table saw) and use of the instructor (careful, she's ticklish).
Next session is scheduled for Thursday October 28, from 7pm-10pm and continues for 5 weeks. Cost is $120.00.
Suitable to anyone who has at least a rudimentary knowledge of fusing (such as our Intro Course).
Pics of the class, students and projects can be found here.

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