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Monday, 18 October 2010

Kokomo Sale Squares Added to the Mix

Kokomo is the oldest and dearest artglass manufacturer in North America with documented sales to two great studios- Louis Tiffany and Fantasy In Glass. That's right folks, whatever you might hear, FIG was the first to carry and introduce this quality artglass manufacturer to Canada well over 25 years ago. Let me tell you about a story about going over the Detroit River Bridge with a skid load of glass just picked up from Kokomo in 1984, and how the whole load almost slid off out the back of the truck while going up the rise of the bridge. Ah, the things we do for you...
Anyhow, we've just brought in almost 1000 sale squares from this great company, and not a single one priced higher than $6.99!
That's right folks! Whether it be opals, cathedrals, reds and pinks, 5-colour mixes and even iridescents- they're all under seven bucks! And of course- buy 5... get 1 free, buy 9... get 2 free, buy 12... get 3 free...
We/ve even separated them and labelled and boxed them for easy shopping.

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