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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Current U.S. Surcharge Status

We just brought in a shipment of glass and tools from the U.S. last week. All sorts of really cool stuff, still being unpacked.
The first thing Mikey does (actually the second- he reads the daily comics first as he eats his Coco Puffs) is price out the exact cost of the shipment using the U.S. dollar that he paid for the shipment with. He doesn't price out the shipment based on some mythical U.S. dollar costing $1.00 Canadian, because that's not what he paid..
We continue to be puzzled as to why our OOCSGS still maintains the need to charge a 4.9% surcharge on all their non-Canadian sourced goods.
You would have thought that they might actually price their goods based on what they paid for them. Not on some mythical dollar value that we haven't seen in months.
Oh yeah, while the surcharge we must pay (and of course pass on to you, sorry) today stands at 4.9% the dollar today is at .9878 U.S.
That's a difference of less that 2%.
Comments welcome and encouraged (anonymously too).


Anonymous said...

Mikey's finally back!!!
The only guy with the guts to point out the problems in this industry in Canada.
Where is everybody else? I know there's a lot of discord because I hear it at all the craft shows I do.No body else willing to say anything?
Shame on you.
Sign me
Miss Believing

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
I'm sure that when the Canadian dollar becomes more valuable than the US dollar that we'll be getting a rebate, right?

Anonymous said...

i think that the complete lack of any sense of fairplay exhibited by these guys is finally catching up to them. EH even has a special person devoted to just Canadian sales. I can only guess how many sales they are losing and will continue to lose.