Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Free Stuff

We have a series of binders with well over 200 free patterns for you to choose from- including suncatchers, lamps and at this time of year, Christmas themed stuff. And now we've added another binder of free projects and patterns devoted to fusing and slumping for your amusement (frustration?). Yours for the taking.
Don't have a kiln? Then come in and use ours (only $10/firing!), or rent one and take it home ($8/day!).
And as we've always had for over 25 years- free studio space, along with the use of our grinders, irons and overhead projector.

Monday, 22 February 2010

ELAC FS 247 De Stijl Edition Speakers

Finish choices for loudspeakers usually consist of a couple of wood choices and gloss black, or a combination of wood and gloss black. ELAC has broken out of that mould with their FS 247 Art Edition floorstander, which now includes an homage to the Dutch De Stijl art movement of simple geometric shapes and colors.

The FS 247 stands 40.2" tall, and utilizes ELAC's "JET III" air motion transformer tweeter and two 5.9" woofers. The woofers feature stamped aluminum-sandwich cones with a unique appearance that ELAC calls "crystal membrane". Frequency response is rated at 30Hz - 50kHz, with 89dB/W/m sensitivity. Pricing starts at $1500

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Store Owner Claims He Invented Sliced Bread

TORONTO, ON- In a published interview in 'The FigLeafLet', president of Fantasy In Glass, Mikey See claims that he invented the concept of sliced bread. "It's a little known fact that several months ago when I was toiling in the back room of FIG's stained glass studio working on the quintessential teddy bear night light, I succumbed to a compelling urge to do something different with my lunchtime break. Tired of having to open my mouth to the extreme to accomodate a full double rye loaf, I developed a mechanical device that slices an entire loaf of bread without polluting the atmosphere nor contributing to global warming. Though I'm a modest person I take full credit for this invention," said Mikey. A spokesperson for the National Bread Association scoffed at Mr. Figgy's assertion. "Frankly there were many people who made major contributions toward the development of sliced bread and Mr. Figgy is not one of them."
"This is just another one of his half-baked ideas that he's gotten into his head," said Gary Broon of the Glass Store Owners Association.

Monday, 1 February 2010

A True Story Told Badly

Some really bad theatre as a commentary on the Canadian retailer's plight in trying to procur an appropriate level and selection of supplies...