Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Monthly Sale for February

I don't know which gets people more excited- the posting of our Monthly Sale or the traditional embarrassing pic of Zenia which officially announces the sale.
We give you both.
Cower in servility (Conrad Black still doing some copy for Mikey) as you gaze in wonder upon this photo, then go here for our February Sale!
If you don't see it, make sure to do a page refresh...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

More Slumpy Stuff

As if bringing a whole bunch of new molds in wasn't exciting enough , we forgot to mention we're also bringing in a lot of frits including their frit blends, which have already been a great seller for us. Here's some of their new colours which we have on order- the pics are great because they show them unfired and then fired.

A Few More Molds Due In Soon...

Slumpy Molds and Such

As you can see from above, Zenia is once again hard(ly?...Vanna Opal) at work putting a Slumpy order together. This one will include mostly smaller molds with almost all fitting in the great Coneart B3K117 kiln (or their less worthy competitors- namely any kiln that will accommodate a 13" shelf).
We're also bringing in long fibre strips to line dams and steel forms, millefiori, frits and powders, the new and very exciting mini-melts (a pot melt bowl with matching base ceramic ring to rest the pot melt bowl on and to provide a secure dam for your melted glass- available in both 6" and 8" (which of course will fit in the B3K117).

(new candle holders)

(politically incorrect cigar ashtray)

(new pot melt bowls with matching dam/base- 6" and 8")

 (sushi tray sets)

(cool candle holders)

NB: If there is a mold you are interested in buying (see selection here), we will discount any pre-orders received by Feb. 7 by 25%- just call us.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mars Soil Ideal for Glass Manufacturering

Preliminary chemical test results streaming back from the Mars Curiosity spacecraft that landed on Mars August 5, has brought some shocking revelations. It's been discovered that the Mars environment is much more hospitable to human life than initially thought- one that might allow future colonists to live, work and even do stained glass on the distant planet.
"We're absolutely over the moon about this news" says Gary Marron, assistant to the fill-in scientist.  

Analysis of Martian soil shows a pH level of between 8 and 9 which means that while we can't grow crops such as corn, wheat and rutabagas (Gary's favourite), more significantly, we are now able to manufacture a glass from the sandy soil that is similar in quality to Swiss Cheesed artglass. 
This stunning revelation was confirmed when a test utilizing a sample of soil about the size of a sugar cube was mixed with some soda, lime and some of Ed the Cat's cremated ashes brought from Earth. The excellent quality of this glass came as quite a surprise to scientists given that for years it was argued that Martian soil could only sustain production of a lower quality glass such as those from machine rolled manufacturers as Strongarm and Checko.
Further tests are planned in the days to come to see if the coefficient of expansion of this glass can be adjusted to allow colonists the opportunity to make nice shiny fused objects in their spare time...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Peace and Lead, Peace and Lead

The investigative staff of Fantasy In Glass' acclaimed journal. The FigLeafLet has irrefutable proof of the demise of Paul McCartney, affirming rumours heard throughout the Sixties. 
We have documentation proving that he was replaced by an associate- someone with even less talent than the real Paul McCartney (send letters care of Ed, 703 The Queensway, T.O.).Apparently, it was John Lennon's wish to announce the change in the Beatle's lineup with the release of what was to become their last studio recording originally entitled Gary's Pound of Brown after Gary Brown, stained glass instructor to the music industry's rock stars. 
It seems John, along with George, Paul and Ringo had become disillusioned with the Maharishi and his teachings on transcendental meditation, and looked to stained glass in their quest to find inner peace, harmony and inspiration. It was during the recording sessions for this album that Paul met his unfortunate death when a truck's delivery of lead shifted and came crashing through the bathroom window onto Paul while he was indisposed.
John wrote 'She Came In Through the Bathroom Window and Carry That Weight in memory of this tragic event.
With the imminent release of the now renamed Abbey Road, the need to replace Paul became apparent. Searching no further than their fellow stained glass students a young lad of small frame and poor complexion was chosen, it seems not for his resemblance to Paul, but for his skill at cutting compound angles in flat 1/4" lead. Going by the name of Mikey, his lack of songwriting skills (as Paul) (send letters care of Ed, 703 The Queensway…) were immaterial to the remaining group members.
It was at this exact moment that Ringo first coined his famous phrase- “Peace and Lead, Peace and Lead” (see below).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Reminder

German glass manufacturer Desag's line of drawn antique (GNA or Artista 75- great name made even more so when Mikey takes the trouble to look it up in a dictionary and finds out that Artista is 'the bristle like protuberance near the tip of the antenna of certain flies'- I guess the art of marketing and copywriting is a little lost in Germany.) has always been a very popular glass. Lightly scribed non-directional striations, this glass is 'drawn' in free air so that there are no chill marks making the glass extremely clean and delicate looking. It's also perhaps the easiest glass we carry, to cut. 
Desag says the entire line is fully fusible (except their #8010 Red) within their selection of about 20 transparent colours with a coe of 94.
See colours hereNice...

New Stuff

We just got in some more more of this wild Fusers Reserve glass from Spectrum (over 100 sq. ft.).  It's fairly new item for them and for us, where they are doing some unusual and unrepeatable colour experiments.  Our last batch sold out in less than 10 days! 
It's equally great whether you are fusing or doing stained glass. All sadly sale priced...