Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Saturday, 30 April 2011

CBS Dichroic Glass

As you've probably heard way too many times by now, Fantasy In Glass is the only full CBS dichroic glass distributor in Canada.
And proud of it.
And the most frequent questions we get from stained glass as well as fusing customers is 'how do they make this stuff?', and 'why are the sheets in such a weird shape?'.
Here's your answers...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The 21st Century Collides with a 1200 Year Old Artform

If you think that an IP address is a map of places listing bathrooms then just skip this blog entry.
If you have a smartphone then you might be interested in our latest innovation- the application of QR Codes.
QR codes (quick response codes) are square shaped bar codes that are easily decoded using your phone. 
That's right folks. No longer will we be using our phones for such menial tasks as actually talking to our loved ones. Now we will be surfing the Net while shopping at Fantasy In Glass, and learning more about the products available here.
Starting today, as you wander around our store, you will find QR codes adjacent to product that you can then scan and within 30 seconds, find out more information on that product. 
If you need QR reading software, there are numerous readers easily available through the various smartphone App stores (Mikey's favourite for his iPhone is Scanlife).
Test it out here-

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just a Reminder

It's funny how many calls we've been getting lately asking if we carry fusible supplies.
We actually started fusing thirty years ago, and were a full-line Bullseye factory certified dealer for over a decade, and still to this day are the only Canadian CBS dichroic glass distributor. When we started, you couldn't even buy fusible glass, so we tested our own.
Heck, Mikey even hangs a fused piece in the store, made from GNA strips in 1983!
So, when it comes to fusing, I think we can brag about being the biggest and best supplier and source of fusing knowledge and assistance.
I'm guessing because there are a lot of people who have never actually been into our store, here's a video tour of our Glass fusing Section of Fantasy In Glass, as hosted by Zenia...

Sadly, Another One Bites the Dust

We've been around now almost thirty years and have seen many new competitors come and and even more, go.

Changes in the market in the last few years, coupled with an abysmal supply situation here in Canada has made it even harder for some to continue.
No longer able to offer the same product range at reasonable prices, many have just decided enough is enough, and have quit the business.
This week, we find another one has closed. 
Glowing Panes has been around almost as long as us. A long time, and a great competitor. 
The Queen rides off into the sunset. She will be missed.
We wish her well...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Equity(?) of Doing Business in Canada

Top news story recently in all the papers-
"Canadians are paying 20% more on average than Americans for identical products even though the loonie has soared above the U.S. greenback."
Wonder why?
Here's maybe a clue;
A few months ago one of our OOCSG suppliers was adding a surcharge of almost 3% when our dollar sat at  $.98 U.S. (only fair I guess)
Yesterday our dollar sat at $1.05.
Still waiting for a rebate (fair?)...

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Getting everything ready for this month's massive sale square sale (over 8,000 pcs all at 3.98/ ea!) this blog writing thingy occasionally falls behind. So today is a staccato attack to get caught up. 
Here we go:
1) Another great mixed technique piece from Mike H- if you dig back in the blog a bit you'll see his stunning John Lennon portrait.

2) a lightbox foiled piece from our friendly chef, Frankie:

3) and how about this large transom from Sylvia:

5) or a clean and simple traditional window by Mary, and done in lead too which it seems many people are doing so infrequently these days- nice to see!

4) Saturday April 23 is an added date for flameworking (lampworking, torchworking- too many alternate names, let's just call it Danger Play with a Torch) and while it's now almost full. we can squeeze in two more people.

5) Our great, but tough to pin people down Fuser's Club starts up again Thursday April 7 (7-10 p.m.) and runs for five consecutive weeks (ending May 5). Topics include many advanced fusing techniques such as pattern bars, frit casting, working deep and how to make lavage bread at 1600 degrees in a top-firing kiln.

6) and in closing, lastly (not intentional Freud, honest... Mikey) Happy Birthday to Tania, one of our first under-aged employees (thanks for not reporting us to Worker's Comp, or the Child Labour Board). And to think there was a time when she couldn't do this-

Friday, 1 April 2011


In a massive display of fair play and concern for the stained glass industry, one of Canada's one and only suppliers has decided to finally offer a rebate to it's customers. 

Acknowledging that when the dollar was down to 98.5 cents that a 4.5% surcharge was fair and just, the reverse should also apply, all glass hobbyists and professionals can expect a reduction in the area of over 10% given our dollar now stands at 1.03!