Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In our continuing quest to break ever more free from our OOCSGS, we have again several shipments coming in from the U.S. this week and next.
Well, it was here that I was going to chat about the willingness of a competitive American market to do business in a fair and proper fashion.
But, let's just talk about how nice it is to deal with someone who wants to sell to you rather than one who thinks you have to deal with them due to lack of competition.
One of the easiest companies to deal we've found, is Aanraku.
Not only are they accommodating and friendly- they have great products which have always sold extremely well for us.

Coming in this week are several new styles of bails (hearts, paws, leaves and fish), Twofer grinder heads and drill bits, clear rondels at under $4/each(!), and frit makers at a fraction of the cost of those currently available (funny how Aanraku has lowered prices on some products yet we don't see them passed on from some distributors).

Next up?
Fusible dichroic glass in Sys96- yippee!!!

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