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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dichroic Glass Returns to Fantasy In Glass!

We've been a CBS dichroic glass distributor for several years (the only one in Canada?) and yes, shamefully, we did let it lapse when we saw the demand for dichroic glass start to slow down.
We were right.
And we were wrong.
Demand for fusible Bullseye 90 coe dichroic glass did drop off.
A lot.
But not the demand for Sys96 fusible dichroic!
We realized that having ordered 800 quarter sheets in Bullseye 90 coe in a market that was running screaming and kicking towards the more readily available System 96 was why sales were falling. We were late to realize it, but we plan to fix that asap.
... to go along with our drive to steadily increase our Sys96 selection of glass, accessory glass and sundries (again, already the largest in Canada), we are putting together a substantial order of dichroic glass from CBS at the end of this week.
All in Sys96 save for a few.
We'll be getting in the new Crinklized on various patterns (see it in Corkscrew- unbelievable!), all the new patterns such as Geodesic. Heck, we're even considering bringing some in on Spectrum's OpalArt and Spirit glass bases.

If you have an interest in a specific colour/texture combination call us and let us know.
Pre-orders placed by October 21 will get a 30% discount with a 25% deposit!

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