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Friday, 27 November 2015

Inventory Notes

Mikey was going to have a bit of a fireside chat here today to fill you all in on the sad state of getting supplies due to the lack of a distributor here in Ontario, but Vanna told him to forget it as we have a store busting at the seams with inventory. So what have we got in recently?
How about a truck shipment 2 weeks ago that brought our fusing glass supplies back up to normal where we can assure a 100% fill rate on everything! 
And Taurus Ringsaws (wow- ON SALE at $499.99 in-store).
And over 1000 sale squares from Spectrum, Uroboros and Kokomo!
And in yesterday- a shipment of bandsaws, some new grinders  (yes, it is true, Inland doesn't seem to be making/shipping any of their grinders any longer)(apparently even Mikey has no clue what these new grinders look like... Vanna Opal).

and all manner of tools (check out the Tool Caddy for under $40 below!). 
Also in, iron stands, oil-fed glass cutters, lead vices, metal runners, mosaic cutters and some rotary Wankel engines (just checking).

And today, we have arriving- more Spectrum fusible (including some new experimental Fusers Reserve)(and yes, we still have some of their newest Black and White Opalart as well as their amazing Southwest Fusers Reserve), Glastac glue, stringers, nichrome wire in several new gauges, earring bails, tinned copper wire in all sizes, zinc and lead comes, another 1000 sale squares from Spectrum and on and on (like Mikey... Wanna Opal)...

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