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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Back To The Future

The Taurus 3 Ringsaw is an item we get a lot of requests for. We don’t normally carry it in inventory. 
Why not?
Well, it not being cheap is the main reason.
But it seems that budgets often are of no consequence this time of year so we’ve brought in a skid load.
Checking back in our blog, we see that Mikey put them on sale for $499.99 in November 2007.
Wow! How did he do it?
So trying our best, we have the T3 Saw on sale for an amazing $539.88!
And we'll ship it anywhere in Canada.
But, hang on, that's not quite good enough.
Come and personally pick one up at Fantasy In Glass and you'll get one for only $499.88!
Well, he’s done it again.
Just like Back To The Future.

Here’s some helpful but somewhat boring copy on the saw;
Taurus is an industry leader, known for quality and precision, so you can count on top quality and dependable service.
This tile shaper ring saw allows you to make straight or curved cuts on tile and stone with ease. This saw can cut forward or backward...even sideways because there is diamond on all sides of the blade! It runs whisper quiet and since the blade goes through a water bath it does not make a mess like traditional tile saws do. The saw easily detaches from the waterpan/base so you can run it handheld- just like a jigsaw. Talk about revolutionary!

The special 6" blades deliver at least the same life span as a 7" tile blade at the same price. The difference is, these blades have no center, and are driven from the outside! This revolutionary design offers many advantages: the ability to make STRAIGHT or CURVE cuts; easily cut a slice off the edge of your material; the blade remains stable and rigid without wandering; the diamond coating is all around the blade making FORWARD, BACKWARDS AND SIDE cutting possible; use the same blade for all materials- there is no need to change blades; blade will never glaze over, so there is no need to ever dress the blade.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Gryphon ring saw on scale 1 to 10. About a 5
Taurus ring saw on a scale 1 to 10. About an 8

You get what you pay for!! Taurus much more versatile. More options for rings better buildQQ

LOVE my Taurus!!