Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Circle of Life

Allow this author a quiet moment to reminisce and share something with you.
This is a picture of a moment frozen in time. Decades ago. A time where you left your front door unlocked. When you let your dog, Spot (for real) out the front door to roam the whole day free without fear and retribution. Where liquor was bought by nervously sliding a paper tag to a judgemental store clerk. 
In other words, it was a time when Mikey was born. 
Now I just know that this picture will surely bring a tear to the eye of some of you. 
And for that I apologize. But it was necessary.  For a couple of reasons.
Firstly, you might have noticed there is not a single picture of our extremely handsome and benevolent leader on this website. 
Until now.
Yes, folks, that is Mikey being lovingly swaddled in the arms of his mother Mary, as his father, Josef gazes lovingly into his eyes. Just as you all now can do also. 
Secondly, we get to share with you something seldom seen today. You get an opportunity to see the stylish features found in a late 1950's home, unsullied by third world  manufacturers and Ikea. Take special note of the cabinet to the left of Mikey's dad for that is the first new thing that they ever bought. 
And fifty five years later it proudly resides in the home of Joe and Mary's granddaughter.
With  a stained glass window made by her... 

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