Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Friday, 28 January 2011

Stained Glass Store Employee Caught Texting while Cutting Glass

Fantasy In Glass employee Zenia C. was texting on her iPhone while cutting a sheet of Uroboros 60-25 (Crimson Red, Grenadine Red and Pumpkin with Wispy White) when customer Gary Brown took a picture of her Thursday morning.
The shot, taken at Canada's Greatest Stained Glass Emporium located at 703 The Queensway, in Toronto's west end, was full of customers at the time and clearly shows the slight of stature employee focused on her smartphone rather than the glass. 
"The FIG staff member's attention was clearly and alarmingly divided between typing and cutting that gorgeous sheet of Uroboros art glass. This is incredibly serious", said Gary Brown. "It would appear that she had little regard for the skill and craftsmanship that the employees of Uroboros put into their glass, and has treated said glass with wanton disregard".
When contacted by the press, President and Founder Mikey Figgy said that disciplinary actions are being considered, and that there will be no wieners in said employee's Mac'n'Cheese dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Figgy Mike, your pictorial fixation on Zenia is becoming deeply disturbing, especially when combined with "wiener" comments and thoughts of employee discipline. Keep it up big boy!

FusedLight said...

Thank you, Mr. Figgy, for taking this situation as seriously as you have. Beyond the blatant disregard for the metaphorical blood the fine employees of Uroboros have put into this glass, Ms. "I can multi-task all I want" is greatly at risk of putting some non-metaphysical blood into the glass. While a rather striking shade of red when fresh, "real" blood does tend to degrade into a rather boring brown (no relation) when fired.

Your positive, and forceful, action has undoubtedly prevented an untimely visit from the demons over at CCOHS.

Y'r hmlb & o'bdnt svnt,
G. Brown BS, Ma(not really), LSMFT