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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Toronto- Centre of the Universe?

We're Canada's first and still only officially sanctioned stained glass supplier as you know. What you may not know is that we're located in Toronto, the centre of Canada's universe (if you're from Toronto),(or Hogtown and other not so polite terms if you're not). Given that we get alot of traffic to this blog from elsewhere, Mikey thought it a good idea to consider posting some stuff occassionally about Toronto to confirm that we really are the centre of the universe in Canada.

So what can I say? We let architect Daniel Libeskind do this to our Royal Ontario Museum, so maybe we don't deserve to be the centre of the universe. But actually, I'm kind of thinking, maybe we really are the centre of the universe and some aliens in their spaceship came to the centre of the universe (Toronto) and crashed into our beloved Royal Ontario Museum. Whaddayathink (see pic)?

Whatever, the new Crystal Wing is now open and houses a very cool and new Dinosaur Exhibition- pics here...

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FusedLight said...

Toronto... capital of Canada, right? I've watched Canadian Bacon a zillion times...so I KNOW what's what in Canada. You betcha, eh?