Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Man From Last Week Smacked into Present Day

TORONTO, ON (FP)- In a rare case of violence-powered travel, Toronto resident Rob Crapell was smacked into this week by a forceful blow delivered by his wife during a fight while choosing colours for a teddy bear night light at Fantasy In Glass on June 9. “Wow, I thought she was just talking colourfully, “ Crapell said moments after materializing in a burst of swirling coloured light at the intersection of Royal York Rd and The Queensway, just one block away from the site of last week’s smack. Crapell, who has been dubbed “The Man From Last Week,” added: “I have so much to learn about your strange world. So much has changed since my time. Is Bullseye Glass still on sale at F.I.G.? Did the Blue Jays win on Saturday? Have hatred and prejudice finally been eradicated?”

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