Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Friday, 30 November 2007

Monthly Sale For December Posted

The end of the month is the time when we get to put some stuff on sale but more importantly it's also another opportunity to post an embarrassing picture of Zenia. Ah, but she's away and I promised to be good (a little bit)... at least for this month. Stay tuned for more Zenia next month. Go here to check out our sale for December.

On another note, apparently we have a Canadian stained glass supplier that didn't know Christmas was coming up after being in business for over three decades. If you're looking for clear oval jewels for angel heads, or hobby U-came, or Finishing Wax, or SPI100RW, or small and large cement, or 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" diamond bevels and small star bevels for making snowflakes, or small red jewels for holly, or 3" x 5" oval bevels, or 12" and 18" L-squares (I'll stop here) forget about getting it locally. I guess if cross-border shopping is supposed to be uneconomical, it's still necessary if you want to get stuff you need that you can't get locally.


Anonymous said...

(also a 'H' customer)

Anonymous said...

You are kidding, right? They actually don't have that stuff?

Anonymous said...

I guess there won't be any red glass or heart bevels for Valentimes day then?

Anonymous said...

Hey Figgers, let your customers know that Sunshine Glass in Buffalo has all that stuff. I'm planning to go down there in February too because I'm imagining your supplier won't have any red glass or bevel hearts for Valentine's Day,
Your (trying to be) Faithful Customer