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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

As With Death and Taxes...

... the recent fall of the Canadian Dollar has now finally hit our pricing on Coneart Kilns. Yes, they are made in Canada, but Frank likes American Whiskey and the Yankees.
Yes, Coneart Kilns are a Canadian product, but much of the raw materials they are made from come from the U.S. So, while pricing is going up, it's not as much as other items we source from our One and Only Canadian Stained Glass Supplier. as many of the costs of building a kiln still are based in Canada (labour, etc).
And of course, as this is a Canadian product we don't buy from our OOCSGS  we're not getting hit with their (currently 15.9%) American dollar surcharge.
If you've been yearning for a kiln of a decent size for fusing and slumping, then this Canadian kiln manufacturer is the only choice- quality and price-wise. And this is the best time to get one if you want to beat the price increase.
We'll honour the current price for these kilns until March 12 with a $200.00 deposit for delivery before the end of March (or even today as we still have a couple in stock). Go here for current pricing. New prices yet to be determined but will be around 15% or about $150.00, or the exact cost of our Fusing seminars (see

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