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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spectrum's New Persimmon Opalescent

As Spectrum rushes to get a colour selection this millennium somewhere near what Bullseye has already been offering for years, we see another couple dribble out as of late (letters to Ed at fig@fantasyinglass.com).

Very boring copywriter alert ahead:
'Like the earthy orange-hued fruit this glass is named for, Persimmon serves as a lovely reminder of all things Fall – fiery autumn leaves, freshly baked pumpkin pies, a cup of mulled apple cider. Persimmon is ideally suited for southwestern designs, dramatic landscapes, flora & fauna, and just about any art glass design where a rich, warm “spiced” orange hue is desired. Stock # 271-71SF'
We are the first to get this colour in Canada!

Remember, just like Mikey's run-in with Billy Bob Thornton, that whether glass is fusible or not, it can still be used in all your stained glass projects (Billy Bob chose Bullseye's Woodland Brown #0203 for the stomach of a teddy bear).

Coming soon is a Black with a Cord texture, for stained glass and fusing...

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