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Monday, 30 November 2009

Bullseye Rods Great for Fusing Too!

Yup, it's true!
Fantasy In Glass is still the only source in Canada if you want to buy every colour of torchworking rod made by Bullseye. These rods are all manufactured from Bullseye's fusible sheet glass so their compatibility is assured (90 c.o.e.), something that is not always the case with other manufacturers (can't we all just get along?). Used for torchworking and kilnforming, each rod is approximately 17" (43 cm) long and 4-6 mm in diameter and includes a selection in excess of 110 colours. And now, Bullseye's Rod line is now graded for kilnforming. Though Bullseye’s glass rods were originally developed for flameworking, they can also be used in the kiln, and doing so opens new technical and aesthetic territory—territory that is still very much under exploration. Used alone or incorporated with other forms of glass in kilnforming methods, rods can become more than simple dots and lines—creating lenses, interior textures, patterns, and temperature-sensitive optical phenomena.

Last year when Bullseye developed five new opaque rod styles that were not suitable for kilnwork, they began systematically testing all of their rods for fusibility now confirming that all but 17 of their rod styles can be used reliably in kilnwork. (All rod styles can be used reliably in torchwork.)
The 17 non-fusible "T" styles include:

• 4 Opals: Dense White (0313); Pink Opal (0301); Salmon Pink Opal (0305); Gold Purple (0334)
• 6 Opaques: All but White Opaque (0013), which is fusible.
• 4 (All) Lustres
• 3 (All) Streakies

Here's somef useful links related to using Bullseye's Rods:
Torchtips and Kilnforming with Rod, their full-line catalogue, and if you want to try a project using their rods, then go here.
and here's some helpful stuff for fusers of their sheet glass:
Glass Tips, Bubble Control, a simple plate project using their Tints glass line, why BU0146 turns silver and how to take advantage of that effect (see our samples), and as always, when firing your glass good detailed notes are imperative- go here for a form.

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