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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Just In Case You Forgot, We Are Canadian

The internet has a tendency to erase borders, doesn't it?
Tired of visiting a site and being unable to figure out where they're from. Probably Americans masquerading as Canadians because we have Neil Young (and not David Crosby), better beer, verandas and chesterfields, Smarties, hockey and we invented basketball, zippers and velcro (wouldn't want all you Americans 'hanging out, eh?!), and Superman (stop me if I'm getting carried away here- oh, you can't 'cuzz I'm Ed the Editor, eh?!) and beer cases with handles big enough to pick up with snow mitts. I know, it's not easy not being Canadian. But that's what we are. Here's a picture of the view out the back of Mikey's house tonight.

1 comment:

anka in florence, italy said...

Fabulous photo....can't say I miss the snow.
I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the photos.
anka :)