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Friday, 12 March 2010

Just a Small Rant- More To Come

We have been buying supplies from a price list originally based on a Canadian Dollar of around 85 cents. Yet we pay an added premium of 5.1% over those prices while our dollar currently sits at 98.4 cents (I know, 5.1% extra on a dollar that actually costs only 1.6% more has even me puzzled).

We've had new price lists issued over the past few months and yet the U.S. dollar premium still remains.
I have to wonder how they calculate their landed cost of goods if it's not based on the dollar they actually paid with.

This makes the purpose of the long-time practice of having a surcharge suspect.

Today, the CDN dollar is over 98.4 cents and the surcharge is 5.1%.

Using these numbers, when (if) our dollar hits over $1.01, we should see a Canadian Dollar rebate of 5%.

Can't wait to see what happens...


Anonymous said...

way to go mike! you say what we all feel but don't have the strength to say.
and that point about an 85cent dollar! I totally forgot that thats what it was when mr. e took over h from mr. d and used those price lists and started adding this bogus surcharge even as the dollar went above 85

Anonymous said...

Yea , I agree with anonymous, ever since he bought K he's had us by the you-know-whats. Blaming the price hikes -which is what that "surcharge" amounts to is totally bogus. It would be an easier pill to swallow if he at least kept these over priced items in stock! And what about Canadian goods such as lead, did you know he put that charge on them too? I think its hats off to FIG for having the brass to confront this a**** and to give us all a place to .........RANT
............ Brewski.

Anonymous said...

sad for our industry

Anonymous said...

I don't think you really have much to worry about because I don't think this regime will be around much longer given what I see going in to an ever incresinglty empty warehouse every few months

Anonymous said...

I think that given past actions, getting a rebate once the dollar goes over one dollar American is not going to happen. It should but don't expect it

Anonymous said...

I've been checking out FIG off and on for a while over my career as a S.G. person, and have come to realize that Mike is right-on. For the shopping I do at #########, I can get pretty much the same pricing and a heck of better service. Since I've been following this blog lights have started to flicker in my thinking. Next time I go there (FIG) I think I will bounce a progressive idea off him that might help us all.
Call me: MUTINY

Anonymous said...

Just got notice that the US surcharge has dropped to 3.8%- and our dollar is worth 98.5 cents. I don't understand that. You are also right when alluding to the fact that this is just a bogus cash grab.

FusedLight said...

It's that pesky "new math" exacerbated by a warp in the space-time continuum.