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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Molds for Slumping and Fusing

It's no secret that we're big fans of Slumpy's and regularly stock well over 600 of their molds. It's taken us a couple of deliveries and much feedback from customers and staff to find out what you all want.
Didn't help much. We just learnt that you want more selection.
So we said the heck with it and decided to just order almost every mold they make.
In about two weeks we're getting in;
1) over 750 molds, including a bunch in stainless steeel, that because of their higher cost, Zenia will be setting up a mold rental registry. This includes dams preformed into circles and squares.
2) kilnposts and ceramic dams for kilnworking (i.e. making pattern bars)
3) fibre blanket in several thicknesses as well as pre-rigidized
4) lots of sushi plates (we heard you Margo)
5) lots of molds under 13" specially for those who've bought one of Coneart's great 110 volt kilns!
As soon as we get our pro-forma invoice we'll post it here and will offer a prepay sale on this delivery.
See a video tour of our current mold selection here.

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