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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sorry, They All Can't Be Witty and Entertaining

I just know that Gary Darquamber will want to make some comment about this blog entry being humourless (CDN spelling) and boring, but as fusers and slumpers will find it extremely helpful I post it devoid of any added cleverness (sort of like Gary?...)-
starting July 20, Princess Auto has a table saw suitable for cutting glass, on sale for sixty bucks, and that includes 4 blades!
That is all...

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FusedLight said...

Sirah: My apologies for not responding sooner (nothing to do with folks from Oklahoma) as The Beloved Dot and I were in New Mexico these past few days.

I am confused. Why would a princess run an auto shop, much less stock a device for cutting glass. It's always been my observation that all the glass that one can procure at an auto shop (or is that shoppe?) is pre-cut and not in need of further manipulations.

Perhaps this is a Canadian thing and has something to do with The Crown and all.

I must end now as the Beloved Dot has now covered herself with garments and we are ready to Stroll the Streets of Chicago looking for a Real Pizza. I suppose we should actually look in the shops (not shoppes) as a pizza found in the street might well be beyond its Use By date.

With kindest regards,
G. Darquamber , BScGeolE (ret)