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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Almost Forgot!

We revived our CBS distributorship about a month ago. We'd realized that our mistaken belief that dichroic glass popularity had passed was actually based on the fact that Bullseye 90 glass was dropping off while Sys96 was increasing. 
So, we saw the need for a good source of Spectrum compatible dichroic glass.
And why have Bullseye sales in fusible glass crashed so dramatically that the OnStar operator keeps calling to ask if we've been in an accident?
Probably because we were the only full-line dealer promoting Bullseye for years, with little support from our full-line distributor (and Bullseye), that we just couldn't continue trying to do it alone.
We're now diverting our resources into System 96, carrying more than twice as much glass in quantity and selection over the past six months, including many colours unique to us given our cross-border purchases from other suppliers as well as Uroboros direct.
While we will continue to increase our Sys96 line for fusing, we will also carry a selection of Bullseye glass for those who wish to continue with this manufacturer. 
To service our 90 customers we've brought in some more CBS dichroic as seen here...

Go here to see our catalogue page on CBS on our website.

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