Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Antique Store Fixtures Sale

Mikey’s collection of antiques (used as actual store fixtures)  has grown virtually unabated for over 25 years. It was tolerated when we had the space, but as our inventory grew, we gradually had to move them, piece by piece, upstairs to our second floor (originally the FIG Cafe). We now find that space demands for that area means we have to actually consider selling off some of these fixtures.
Our loss your gain?
Check them out here...


gary said...

Oh my, if Ms. Dot and I were out your way Ms. Dot and I would drop in and Ms. Dot and I would spend our less-than-the-Canadian-dollar dollars with you.

Yr. h'mble & ob.t svn.t
G.Brown(not e)

Mikey Figgy said...

OMG, he lives! Nice to see!
Re: antiques,I think we're taking Canadian Tire money before U.S. greenbacks these days.
Got to get our digs in before it all falls apart.
Keep well my friend

gary said...

As I said (or is that "like" I said?) in my lost-in-the-ether note... if The Dot and I were closer, we'd Most Certainly prevail on your hospitality and remove some of these obj'dart (ain't my French real good?) from you.

As it is...

Your hmbl & obt.
gc brown (no "e")