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Friday, 16 December 2011

We've had the luxury of being able to play a little bit lately and thought we'd share some of our experiments with you. 
This is our take on the Puddles Project we've talked about here. Very easy and very effective! 
Rather than simply stacking glass for the initial fuse, we used a stainless steel dam for this first step.
Care to try this at home? We will lend you our dam free of charge.

1. Six pieces of opal Sys96 glass loaded up in a stainless steel dam (lined with some fibre paper)

2. Forgetting to take a pic of the block fused and intact, we show you the block after the first strike of the hammer. No need to be artistically careful here- just wack it and get out some of your frustration (it's not true Zenia was thinking of Mike here).

3.  After a little more frustration release-

4. A closer look at some of the chunks now broken off 

5. Loading the kiln. Note the chunks are set on edge now

6. After firing- in the kiln 

and here, out-

Stick on a bail and you're done!

7. See those crumbs?  Don't throw them out-

- because they make a great topping for a colourful plate-

Care to try this, we can help with a free loan of our stainless steel dam as well as some guidance on firing schedule, etc

1 comment:

Doris said...

Never thought of using the little bits like you did......clever boy!!

I used the little bits and made stud earrings...they are lovely!