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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Shameful Plug for Something New

Long time ago Spectrum came up with a way to produce a machine made derivative of a mouth blown full antique Reamy (Danzinger) glass (see Mikey's Ivory Tower door for an example). We know this glass today as Baroque.
The smart guys at Spectrum then thought how cool would it be if we did the same style of glass but used different opalescent glasses? Hence Opalart.
Today Opalart has been standardized and now exists as a line of interesting fusible glass (of course we also use it for our stained glass projects).
I gather that this line is occasionally difficult to produce and Spectrum, never wanting to throw anything away came up with a clever idea- the Fusers' Reserve.
This is a new limited edition line of fusible glass giving the fuser or stained glass craftsperson a great opportunity to obtain unique runs of tested compatible System 96 sheet glass, in an ever-changing combination of standard quality colors, mixes, and occasional experimental solid colours.
We now have them in, and anticipate them not lasting long..

We also have received Spectrum's latest two new colours-
Chestnut Opal and Lemongrass Opal (fusible or not)

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