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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fusing With Texture

The System 96 line has so many different textures (mostly in clear). But why the texture choices?  If you fuse with this glass wouldn't the texture just melt out smooth? 
Well yes..
And no...
You are correct to assume that if you fire a piece of say Clear Cord, or Clear Krinkle that it will melt totally clear if you do so with the texture facing up. 
... fire that glass with the texture down and that's a different matter. You see that Cord or Granite or Radium texture will smooth right out, but the memory of that texture will remain (see pics below) giving your work an interesting added visual look. 

Now, because of this texture, we do have to recognize the fact that bubbles might be trapped. In the sample below it's a nice added effect which we don't mind. If not, a bubble squeeze is necessary, and might not always be 100% successful. 
Now, use two reeded textured glasses and fuse them texture to texture at a right angle to each other and you'll get a perfectly uniform grid of bubbles which can look very nice.

Or like the plate below, fill the crevasses of the texture with powders and fire them and this is what you get.

So, remember, textures do have a purpose.

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